Below you can find links to two series of radio broadcasts filmed in "Studio Europa" at the Representation in Italy of the European Commission in Rome on the European themes for radio journalists and listeners:

"A book for Europe"

The radio studio in Rome allows all radio stations requesting it to record, edit and broadcast, live or deferred, programs focused on the European Union, its policies and the services it offers to citizens, as well as debates and interviews to European personalities and experts (send an email request to

Official website of the European Union where you can find useful information for the press: news in the foreground, all press releases, useful dates, audiovisual media, contacts and services for the press. Available languages: English and French.


Below you can find a selection of news related to Europe or the activity of the Europe Direct service of the City of Venice:

  1. European elections 2019 - The EU Institutions campaign
  2. 01.07.2018 - Lux Award 2018: check out the 10 films nominated
  3. 26.6.2018 - Explore Europe with #DiscoverEU
  4. 15.10.2018 Climate Change Contest - 2018 Edition
  5. 26.06.2018 Conference "Torture and migration"
  6. EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018
  7. 21.05.2018 Workshop "A career in the EU" in Padua
  8. #EUTour of Italy: stop-over 13 in Veneto
  9. 10.05-12.11.2018 "Explore the world ... Veneto in Motion! Cycle of meetings about mobility in Europe
  10. Europe Day 2018 in Venice
  11. 26.04.2018 Show “Chronos Paràdoksos” in Padua
  12. 10.04.2018 - InfoDay about the "Europe for Citizens" Program 2014-2020 in Padua
  13. 05.04 - 03.05.2018 - Thematic meetings "Regionalisms in Europe: deepen in order to understand: an open dialogue" in Mestre, Venice
  14. 08.03.2018 EURES meeting on 2018 seasonal job opportunities in Mestre (VE)
  15. 28.01.2018 - Chronos Paràdoksos show
  16. 01.01.2018 - New Europe Direct network 2018-2020: Venice is there!
  17. 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage
  18. "Becoming European citizens" contest 2018

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