Publication "Guide to European Funding 2019-2020" UPDATED

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A revised edition of the publication "Guide to European Funding 2019-2020" is now available with a set of update notes regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  

Following the budget proposal of the European Commission for the period 2014/2020, Unioncamere Veneto - Eurosportello in collaboration with the Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice, offers the citizens and firms of the territory an updated and revised version of the Guide to European Funding 2019-2020. 

The Guide to European funding 2019-2020 is divided into thematic sections such as: research, technological development and competitiveness, environment, agriculture and fisheries, social change and innovation, internal security and immigration, education and culture, health and safety, taxation and customs, infrastructure and transport, training, international cooperation, financial instruments and European territorial cooperation. Within these sections the main European related programs are listed, in order to make the search for funding as simple and immediate as possible. 

The previous version of this guide, published last autumn by Unioncamere Veneto - Eurosportello with the collaboration of the Brussels delegation and the Europe Direct offices, offered a detailed presentation on the 2014-2020 programming, which ends at the end of this year. 

In light of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and in view of the upcoming closure of the seven-year European programming period, it was believed necessary to publish this update. 

With 2021, a new important phase will open for European programming and, at the same time, the efforts to recover from the economic crisis generated by the global pandemic will begin. During the summit in Brussels on 17-21 July, European leaders agreed on an allocation of 1824.3 billion euros in total: 1074.3 billion for the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and 750 billion for tools specifically dedicated to recovery (Next Generation EU, NGEU). Businesses, local institutions and citizens will have the possibility to take advantage of those financial opportunities implemented by EU programs. 

Therefore, this guide, in addition to reporting the programs that remain active at least until the end of the current year, has been integrated with an in-depth analysis of the most relevant innovations established during the extraordinary European Council held on 17-21 July 2020: the budget for the next seven years, which opens in January 2021, and the tools dedicated to the recovery. 

The common goal of both is to help the Union recover from the pandemic and to jointly support investments in digital and ecological transitions for the coming years. 

While stocks last, a printed copy of the guide can be collected at the EUROPE DIRECT VENEZIA VENETO office in Via Spalti 28 - 30173, Mestre Venezia. 

=> Go to the link of the online publications on the Eurosportello Veneto website. 


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