Europe Direct

Europe Direct is the European information network at the service of citizens, created by the European Commission in order to inform the citizens about the activities and opportunities offered by the European Union.
The aim is to strengthen the citizens' sense of belonging to the Union by involving them in the process of European construction.
Europe Direct Information Centers are located throughout the European Union and act as intermediaries between the EU and its citizens.

In Veneto, the service has been created in 1998, and it is structured in the City of Venice - as leader - and 27 institutional partners: the Veneto Region, the Prefecture of Venice, the Provinces of Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Treviso and the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Chamber of Commerce of Venice Rovigo Delta-Lagunare, the Eurosportello of Unioncamere Veneto, EURES - Veneto Lavoro, the Municipality of Adria, Bassano del Grappa, Castelfranco Veneto, Chioggia, Jesolo, Padua, Spinea, Thiene, Treviso, Valdagno, Vicenza and Camposampierese Municipalities Federation, the IUAV University of Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, the ESU of Venice and the USR-Regional School Office for Veneto. Today, there are 38 information desks spread throughout the region.

Visit the institutonal video of the Europe Direct Venezia Veneto

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Watch the institutional video of Europe Direct Venezia Veneto

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Since 2008, the service includes also a local Eurodesk agency, a network whose aim is to provide information to young people and workers. Eurodesk gives guidance about the European programs in the fields of culture, training, mobility, rights and volunteering. The scope is to make young citizens aware of the opportunities offered and to benefit from it.


Visit the Eurodesk institutional website.

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