12.11.2020 Explore the world... Veneto on the Move! 2020 - Cycle of Meetings about mobility in Europe

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The Europe Direct-Eurodesk service of the City of Venice promotes "Explore the world...Veneto on the move!" information meetings for citizens on mobility in Europe.

Studying, training, working, volunteering abroad are all activities that increase people's skills, promote personal development, adaptability and increase their employability. The mobility of young people, seen as a valuable opportunity for growth, is the key to free perople's, regardless of their age and the social context in which they live. The experience of mobility should be seen in a perspective of "lifelong learning", aimed not only at the acquisition of new skills but also at the "social and civic" development of the person, in a perspective of intercultural encounter and comparison.


Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 15.00 
"Qualified work in the Anglo-Saxon world"
Speaker: Bernd Faas - Euroculture Association

=> In the first part of the webinar, Bernd Faas presented an overview of qualified employment opportunities in the Anglo-Saxon world.
=> In the second part of the webinar he answered the questions of the participants who arrived via chat.
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Nowadays English is world's lingua franca: it is used by tourism, companies in foreign markets, international organisations and universities.
These are more than enough reasons to see London, Dublin, New York, Sydney or Vancouver as the ideal places for qualified jobs. But cities such as Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Paris ar very attractive destinations as well to offer your skills to the business world. 
The European and global labour market is currently strongly affected by the COVID-19 virus. Millions of workers are laid off, many companies deal with hiring constraints and many companies have reduced liquidity. The situation in general will unfortunately not change within a few months.   

Despite this negative phase there are still some sectors that are hiring, such as logistics, social media, IT or healthcare. How strong this trend is depends on the individual country. There are also supranational structures such as the European Union that are looking for additional staff to deal with increasingly complex policies at the international level. 
Today is the right time to see if skilled employment in the Anglo-Saxon world is a realistic option in its own right, starting from a skills check-up. 

Bernd Faas has been working in the international mobility sector for over 25 years. His professional experience covers guidance, preparation and implementation of activities abroad in the fields of work, internships, training and voluntary work.
Eurocultura di Vicenza has been involved in international mobility since 1993.  Guidance counselling, webinars and "Career Academy" seminars as well as the "Muoversi" and "InGermania" newsletters are some of the tools that allow users to define the appropriate path to grow personally and professionally by living abroad.

Our journey in Europe and the surrounding area has been continuing since 2012 with the cycle of meetings "Explore the world...Veneto on the move!".
The project "Explore The World - Veneto on the move" includes the distribution of the DVD "The world in a pocket", a virtual lesson on transnational educational mobility on post-diploma and post-graduate orientation abroad. The DVD is available for free. For further information: DVD on post-diploma and postgraduate orientation abroad.

=> Read the article "Il lavoro tra Veneto ed estero: una questione di “appeal” published on Metropolitano.it 

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