Week of the open administration #ASOC1920

==> THE EVENT WAS CONVERTED TO THE DIGITAL MODE in compliance with the DPCM of 8th March 2020 "all events and meetings are suspended until next April 3"
In occasion of the week of the open administration #ASOC1920, the office Europe Direct Venezia Veneto collaborated with Municipality of Venice, A Scuola di OpenCoesione, European Union, ISTAT and Insula for the realization of the event that was held in Venice Monday, April 6, 2020, at 14.30 in place of the meeting planned for Monday, March 6, 2020 at 10.00 at Aula Magna of Liceo Marco Foscarini, Cannareggio 4951- 30121 Venice.
A Scuola di OpenCoesione (ASOC) is an innovative educational path aimed at promoting and developing in Italian schools the values of active and conscious citizenship, through research activities and civic monitoring of European and national public funding.
This project will continue despite the limitations related to the Covid19 emergency and the resulting closure of schools. Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice supports this project and the schools that take part to it. 
Useful links: 

Program 6th April 2020 

  • Coordination: Vittoria Gratino, teacher at Liceo Foscarini 

  • Presentation of the civic monitoring project ASOC "ponti e pontile di Venezia e le isole" by ASOC team "Duri i banchi" (students of IV class of Liceo Calssico Europeo Foscarini) 


  • Ermelinda Damiano, President of the City Council of Venice;
  • Francesca Zaccariotto, City Councillor for Public Works of the City of Venice;
  • Francesca Vianello, head of the office Europe Direct Venezia Veneto for the Municipality of Venice;
  • Alberto Chinellato, Head of Road Maintenance; Direction of Public Works of the Municipality of Venice;
  • Roberto Megera, Head of Traffic Maintenance, Direction of Public Works of the Municipality of Venice;

Google Meet platform 

Some pictures of the online meeting 

Program 9th March 2020 - SUSPENDED

  • Greetings from the Rector Massimo Zane

  • Presentation of the ASOC civic monitoring project "bridges and pontoon of Venice and the islands" of the ASOC team "Duri i banchi"


- Dr Susi Osti, ISTAT head of the Venice office;
- Professor Luisa Celeghin, head of the USR Veneto, legal representative, youth policies and participation;
- Dr Francesca Vianello, head of the Europe Direct Office of the Municipality of Venice;
- Ermelinda Damiano, President of the Venice City Council;

Free admission until availability 

Europe Direct of The Municipality of Venice
free telephone number 800 496200

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