22-26.06.2020 - EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020

#EUSEW2020 Energy Days

From 22 to 26 June 2020, the European Sustainable Energy Week will be held with events throughout Europe.
Venice has also been participating for 10 years in the events of the European Sustainable Energy Week in line with the central event in Brussels.
All strictly free admission.
Hundreds of "Energy Day" events organized in several European cities, with the involvement of the major players in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Objective: to disseminate best practices, inspire new ideas and encourage networking activities in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

For the tenth consecutive year, the Venetian event has been included in the official European programme.
Visit the official European website

The event has been organized by the Association NordEstSudOvest and since 2012 Europe Direct of the City of Venice participates directly in the organization of the Venetian event with the presence in conferences and meetings, in the information stands in Mestre, with the distribution of institutional materials of the European Union. Partner 2020: Council of Europe - Office of Venice, CAI Club Alpino Italiano, Nordic Walking Alto Vicentino, CIPRA Vivere nelle Alpi.


Saturday 27 June 2020 at 15.00
Mestre-Venezia - Parco San Giuliano - Ritrovo zona Arena

Saturday 27 September 2020 at 9.00
Terragnolo (TN) - Malga Borcola

Meeting followed by an excursion


Saturday 27 June 2020 at 15.00
Mestre-Venezia - Parco San Giuliano - Ritrovo zona Arena

Meeting "European paths and routes for a Central European culture in defence of the Alpine and agricultural territory - Mobility actions and sustainable energy​"

- Greetings
Pierantonio Belcaro,  President of the Association NordEstSudOvest
Renato Frigo, Regional President of Veneto CAI Club Alpino Italiano
- Speakers
Michele Boato, Deputy CIPRA
Antonio Fiore, President of the Association Amici dei fiumi del Veneto e dell’Europa - CITF
Fiorella Bellio


Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
green number 800 496200 or 3458358360
E-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it or info@itinerarimitteleuropei.eu 
www.comune.venezia.it/europedirect or www.itinerarimitteleuropei.eu

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