European Festival 2021 in Venice


From 5 to 31 May 2021 the "European Festival" is held in Venice, the great Venetian event, now in its ninth edition, that does not stop despite the coronavirus emergency as a sign of the pro-European nature and resilience of the City of Venice and the institutional partners who have always collaborated.

In particular, this year’s edition "Pensare europeo da 1600 anni" is linked to the celebrations of the 1600 years of Venice (, which has always been an intercultural and cosmopolitan city, open to Europe and the world. According to a thousand-year-old tradition, 25 March 421 is commonly recognized as the day of foundation of the city of Venice, as evidenced by the manuscript source of the Chronicon Altinate and, in more recent times, Marin Sanudo who, describing the great Rialto fire of 1514 in his Diaries, he writes: “..... solum restò in piedi la chiexia di San Giacomo di Rialto… la qual fu la prima chiexia edificata in Venetia dil 421 a dì 25 Marzo, come in le nostre croniche si leze…”.

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In compliance with the measures to contain the coronavirus, the initiatives are transformed into virtual mode with dozens of online events including webinars, videos, music and awards. We hope to move in the autumn appointments that include the physical presence of the citizen.

The event aims to celebrate the two most significant historical dates for Europe:

- 5 May 1949: founding of the Council of Europe by the Treaty of London
- 9 May 1950: Birth of the European Union with the "Schuman Declaration" on the occasion of the Paris speech (click here to learn more)

The date of the event is significant since 9 May represents "The European Festival". Indeed, on 9 May 1950, a few years after the end of the Second World War which had devastated the old continent, Robert Schuman, the French Government’s Foreign Minister, presented the proposal to create an organized Europe, It is essential for the maintenance of peaceful relations between the constituent States. The proposal, known as the "Schuman Declaration", is considered the European Union’s birth certificate.
Around this symbolic date every year we celebrate Europe Day with the organisation of various events by the European institutions and the Member States.

More info on the Europe day and European Festival.

The Festival of Europe in Venice has been held in this format since 2013: see the previous editions. 

Some numbers of the 2020 event in Venice:
- 32 events including virtual meetings and presences, exhibitions, stands, shows, seminars and online initiatives
- 2000 stakeholder participation of young people and citizens and over 4700 subsequent views
- 30 partners operationally involved between local, national and European institutions and organisations
The initiative is the result of collaboration between:
In collaboration with Regional RAI headquarters for Veneto
The initiative included is in the program of the "Città in Festa" of the City of Venice.
logo città in festa

List of events scheduled for May 2021:

PREVIEW Tuesday, May 4 at 12.30 => Online convocation of the Council Commission for Culture and International Relations of the City of Venice - go to the webpage 

Celebration victory Europe Direct ban of the City of Venice- go to the webpage 
10.00 a.m.=> visit of the President of the City Council of Venice, Ermelinda Damiano at the headquarters Europe Direct, via Spalti 28, Mestre Venice
11.00 a.m.=> round table with all partners from Veneto
Live video open to citizenship
at 5 p.m. cycle in meetings CAFFÈ EUROPA "Europe and Venice for 1600 years"- go to the webpage 
Live video open to citizenship
10.00 a.m => Virtual opening exhibition "Mothers and Founding Fathers of the European Union" and Project Award "EPAS - European Parlament Ambassador School" - go to the webpage 
Live video open to citizenship
at 6 p.m => Webinar “INFODAY ERASMUS PLUS: il nuovo programma di finanziamento per la mobilità europea” - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
SATURDAY 8 - SUNDAY 9 MAY => Veumeu - Venice Universities Model European Union - go to the webpage
Simulation of the European Parliament for registered students
at 5.30 p.m. => Concert by the Musikdrama Music Association "From Venice to Europe, a cultural post from Vivaldi to Bach"​ - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 10.00 a.m.=> online award ceremony of the competition "We become European citizens" for high schools in Veneto - go to the webpage
at 5.00 p.m. => cycle in meetings CAFFÈ EUROPA "Europe, Venice and the fight against discrimination"-go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 4.00 p.m. => online meeting "Youth mobility for the future of Europe"- go to the webpage 
Webinar for young university students and high schools in Veneto edited by ESN Erasmus Student Network in Venice, Padua and Verona
at 5.00 p.m.=> VIU lectures " The Future of Europe" - go to the webpage
webinar in lingua inglese su temi di attualità di interesse per la cittadinanza e gli studenti - evento su iscrizione
at 6.30 p.m. => Meeting "The future of Europe" with Vincenzo Grassi First meeting of the "Cycle of meetings on the European Union"- go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 12.00 a.m. => final event "ASOC - A School of Opencoesione"- go to the webpage
Live video open to the students who participate to the project
at 5 p.m. => Presentation of the films finalists of the LUX Prize 2021" - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
4-13 May Collective projection on demand free on Mymovies
4-6 May Corpus Christi free on-demand projection on Mymovies
at 9.30 => "INFODAY MARIE CURIE How to write a successful proposal - go to the webpage 
Live video open to citizenship
at 8.45 a.m. =>  "Viaggio europeo nel clima che cambia" con Luca Mercalli
First meeting of the cycle "We are the Green Deal" - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 5.00 p.m. => Presentation of the Europe Direct Centres in Veneto and the "Guide to European Funding for 2021"go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 5.00 p.m.=> Presentation of the book "Violence against women’s health in international law" by Sara De Vido -go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 5.00 p.m. => webinar "EUROPE FOR THE YOUTH OF VENETO: the digital opportunities offered by the European Union" - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship


=> "Europa in musica" - Concert of the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello in Venice performed by the string quartet the "Manfredi Quartet" - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
at 10.00 a.m => webinar “European initiatives and funds for recovery and resilience: an opportunity for Venice” - go to the webpage
Live video open to citizenship
Info Desk in Mestre, via Spalti 28, new multifunctional seat for citizens
Large banner on the EU festival on the facade of the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco
Blue illumination of the facades of the Palaces Ca' Farsetti and Ca' Loredan in Venice, of the town hall of Mestre, of the fountain of Piazzale Giovanacci di Marghera and of the Civic Tower of Mestre - go to the webpage


Some photos of the previous editions:

Torre Civica di Mestre illuminata di blu  Ca' Farsetti e Ca' Loredan illuminate di blu

Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
Via Spalti 28, Mestre-Venezia
telefono 345 8358360 (nel periodo di smart-working)


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