The Europe Direct Information Centers are present throughout the European Union.
The European Commission itself wanted them as an intermediaries between the European Union and its citizens.

The activities of the Europe Direct of the City of Venice are all free and open to citizens and are divided into 3 categories:

  • INFORMATION DESK: Bringing citizens closer to the European Union with a desk where they can find information, advice and assistance on: legislation, opportunities, funding, institutions and community programmes
  • TEACHING ACTIVITIES: Planning educational activities in schools, adapted to every level and degree.
  • ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS: Promoting public debate on topics related to the European Union through the organization of initiatives such as seminars, conferences, cultural events.

Watch the video presentation of the European Direct network (duration 4:59)
Every year Europe Direct focuses on transversal themes of general importance:

List of the Europe Direct activities in the City of Venice:






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