Award cerimony of the competition "Become European citizens"


On Saturday 9th, May 2020 at ore 10.00 a.m. the Award cerimony of the competition "Become european citizens" - school year 2019-2020 edition was held. The event was realised in collaboration with MIUR-USR Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Veneto and MFE Movimento Federalista Europeo and with the support of Liceo Stefanini of Venice; in the presence of the President of the City Council, Ermelinda Damiano, who opened her contribution with a focus on the significance of today’s  date, 9 May 2020, which marks the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration recognized as the birth of the European Union in occasion of the Paris speech. 

It is possible to watch the whole awarding cerimony at the following link in the You Tube channel of the City of Venice. 

"Today a Europe of young people that gives hope for the future has emerged - as underlined by President Damiano - . A European Union of solidarity and sustainability where European citizenship means shared responsibility."

A minute of silence was dedicated to the late David Frisoli, who died just a month ago, on April 9th, of coronavirus, a valid school manager of various Venetian Institutes, from which two of the winners come, a sign that the European seed sown by him is bearing fruit.

More than 70 people and students who won the contest for high schools in Veneto joined the online meeting, 8 prizes were given to students of the provinces of Venice, Padua and Treviso: Liceo Foscarini, Benedetti and Tommaseo from Venezia, Istituti Algarotti of Venezia, Severi of Padova and Città della Vittoria of Vittorio Veneto (the recording and the pictures of the awarding cerimony will be available soon). 

List of mentions and prizes:
Istituto Città della Vittoria – Vittorio Veneto (TV)
- Aurora Masut – prize
- Lara Bonato – special mention
Liceo Benedetti - Venice
- Cora Fusco – prize
Liceo Foscarini - Venice
- Nicolò Ferretti – premio
- Lidia Bilali – special mention
Liceo Tommaseo -  Venice
- Sabina Sfriso  – prize
Istituto Severi - Padua
- Gabriele Cecchin – prize
Istituto Algarotti - Venice
- Angelica Boscolo – prize

The Contest "Become European citizens" school year 2019/2020 for students and schools is organised by the Movimento Federalista Europeo in collaboration with Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia to encourage active and conscious European citizenship. Link to the competition notice. 

Program of the event:

  • Institutional greetings - Ermelinda Damiano, President of the City Council of Venice 
  • One minute of silence in honour of the dear departed Davide Frisoli  
  • Speakers
  • Laura Donà, USR School Office of the Veneto Region  
  • Francesca Vianello, Europe Direct-Eurodesk of the Municipality of Venice 
  • Giorgio Anselmi, Italian President of the European Federalist Movement  
  • Presentation of the projects and of the list of prizes and metions for deserving students  
  • Interventions of the awarded students 


The winners will be awarded with a  holiday and European educational stay at the Home of Europe in Neumarkt (Stiria - Austria) from 27th July to 1st August 2020.

=> In case of hinderances to the prize-travel in July due to the Coronavirus emergency, an alternative plan consisting on the posticipation to September and on displacing of the project inside the national territory in Ventoten was outlined. In any case, the certificate of recognition will be delivered. 

Pictures of prizes and metions (in alphabetic order)

Lidia Bilali - Liceo Foscarini of Venice:

Lara Bonato - Institute of Città della Vittoria of Vittorio Veneto (TV):

Angelica Boscolo - Istituto Algarotti of Venice:

Gabriele Checchin - Istituto Severi of Padua:

Nicolò Ferretti - Liceo Foscarini of Venice:

Cora Fusco - Liceo Benedetti of Venice:

Aurora Masut - Institute of  Città della Vittoria of Vittorio Veneto (TV):

Sabina Sfriso - Liceo Tommaseo -  Venice:


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