Explore the world... Veneto on the move!

Explore the world

The service Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice promotes "Explore the world...Veneto on the move!" cycle of 10 webinars and 3 free meetings for the citizens, and in particular youths, on the theme of transnational and european mobility 

Studying, developing, working, doing activities and volunteering abroad, activities like these help in the developing of people's skills and favour self growth, adaptability and increase people's employability. Mobility among youth, intended as an opportunity for growing, represents the key for unlock the potential skills in people, regardless of their age and the social contest they live in. The experience of mobility must be seen as "permanent knowledge", with the aim of not only aquiring new skills, but also to develop "social and civic knowledge" of each person, in a prospective intercultural debate.

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The cycle of meetings "Explore the world...Veneto on the move!" is realised in collaboration with the association Eurocultura, organization that has dealt for more than 20 years with counsuling regarding the job world and teaching in a european dimension and with an international prospective. The cycle of webinars is curated by Bernd Faas, consulter for Eurocultura and expert in international mobility.  

Our journey in Europe and its surroundings continues from 2013 with the cycle of meetings "Explore the world...Veneto on the move!" .
It is inserted in the project "Explore The World - Veneto on the move" and includes the distribution of the DVD "World in a pocket", a virtual lesson on educational transnational mobility on orientation abroad after high school or university graduation. The dvd is available for free.  

More info regarding the dvd: DVD orientation abroad after high school or university graduation.


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