Webinar series on mobility - Explore the world... Veneto on the move! 2022

Europe Direct of the City of Venice promotes "Explore the world... Veneto on the move!" a series of 10 free and informative webinars dedicated to citizens, young people in particular, about transnational mobility. 

The series includes 10 free webinars that take place every fourth Wednesday of the month, from January to December 2022. They last one hour and focus on different themes all related to transnational mobility, from seasonal work in Europe to volunteering opportunities abroad. 

The webinars are held in collaboration with the Eurocultura association, an organization that has been dealing for more than 20 years with advice on the world of work and training in a European dimension and with an international perspective. The webinar cycle is curated by Bernd Faas, Eurocultura consultant and international mobility expert.  

The participation is free of charge upon registration 



The meetings dealt with various topics of youth interest from studying abroad to the orientation of young people in the last years of high school, in collaboration with the Association Eurocultura (rapporteur: Bernd Faas, Eurocultura consultant and international mobility expert).


For information:

Via Spalti 28 -  Mestre Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200
e-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

via del Mercato Nuovo 44G
36100 Vicenza
tel. 0444-964770
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