The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) a.y. 2022/2023


Enrollments have reopened for the "European Parliament Ambassador School" (EPAS) programme, the project that brings students closer to the European institutions


The project is aimed at students in the third and fourth year of high school.

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EPAS - How it works

It aims to raise awareness among upper secondary school students from different educational, social and geographical backgrounds about European parliamentary democracy, the role of the European Parliament and European values. The course also aims to encourage interactions between students and MEPs and to provide young people with useful information on training, traineeship and job opportunities. The network of ambassador schools also fosters relationships with schools from other European countries. 

The European Parliament Ambassador School Program (EPAS) involves schools from all over Europe and consists of an annual training course which will culminate in the ceremony for the delivery and affixing of the Ambassador School plaque of the European Parliament

Ambassador schools are invited to organize an initiative to involve the school community and possibly citizens around 9 May (Europe Day). On this occasion, the MEPs of the electoral district to which the school refers participate in the ceremony of affixing the plaque and deliver the parchments for teachers and students awarded the title of "ambassadors of the European Parliament".

Ambassador schools also have the possibility to participate in competitions which allow the winners to be protagonists of simulation days of plenary sessions of the European Parliament in Strasbourg within the framework of the EUROSCOLA programme.

Furthermore, in October 2022 “Esperienza Europa - David Sassoli” was inaugurated in Rome. The "Europa Experience" centers, opened in several EU capitals, allow millions of visitors to immerse themselves in an interactive journey across Europe to discover its institutions, the functioning of European democracy and strengthen the sense of European citizenship.

We want Italian students to benefit as much as possible from this interactive space. For this reason, schools will have the opportunity to book guided tours, participate in the interactive simulation of the work of the European deputies, use the conference room for events on European issues.

Interested schools can send an email to:

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For more informations:

Ufficio d'informazione in Italia - Sede di Roma
tel. 06 699501

Ufficio d'informazione in Italia - Sede di Milano
tel. 02 4344171

Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
Via Spalti 28, Mestre-Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200

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