"Information and press freedom in Europe" meeting


17.00 At the Council of Europe Offices
Procuratie Vecchia San Marco 180 / c, Venice
Free entry by booking via email to luca.volpato@coe.int

On Monday 28 May 2018 at 5.00 pm at the Council of Europe Offices in the old Procuratie in San Marco 180 / c a discussion table was held about the theme "Europe and freedom of information".

The public meeting wanted to address the information issue situation, given and received, in the Italian and European backgrounds. The speakers have a specific qualification that makes them suitable for dealing with the press freedom subject in the world, in Europe and in Italy; the situation of both public and private publishing; the specific relationship between the rule of law and the quality of information; the difficulty in enforcing regulations to protect journalists and citizens who benefited from individual national states in a global context; the need for a global communication regulation instrument that come from a reliably authoritative subject such as the European Union, to distinguish the role of the journalistic or institutional media from thae commercial communication or political propaganda; the need to limit the gray areas of the web and the social world in which improper uses of news were perpetrated to influence the consent of masses of voters in democratic countries.

Presents Gianantonio Schiaffino.
The Ambassador Luisella Pavan Woolfe, Director of the Council of Europe, Italian Office of Venice, spoke.
Modulates and co-ordinates Carlo Mazzanti, Director of the international business magazine Atlantis.
Maurizio Cerruti, journalist, expert on international issues. International scenarios, information and counter information
Gianluca Amadori, journalist, President of the Journalists Order in Veneto. Is journalism still a current profession? Can national orders guarantee freedom of press for both journalists and readers / citizens?
Giovanni De Luca, Director of Rai Veneto. National public service or European public service?
Luigino Rossi, entrepreneur, former President of the Il Gazzettino Group. Private editor yesterday, today and tomorrow. Is there still a link with the local territory?
Niccolò Rinaldi, official of the European Parliament, Expert of civil rights. The Europe of rights in a world dominated by force.

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