Concert "Music for Europe and Europeans"

Risultati immagini per conservatorio benedetto marcello venezia

17.30 Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Venice
San Marco 2810, Venice
Free entry until exhaustion

On Tuesday, May 29 at 17.30 at the Conservatory Benedetto Marcello of Venice (San Marco 2810) was held the concert "Music for Europe and the Europeans" which included classical music, that evoked the myth of Europe, and contemporary music focused on today's problems that Europe and its citizenship are facing.

In the form of a prologue and a dialectic pendant to the collective work of Andriessen, Paolo Notargiacomo Maiden Island, a piece written specifically for the occasion, investigates the atomization of the contemporary lonely man, through a polyphony that brings into play the various shades of the word. The mosaic texts contain a stratification of both thought and soul of the European man from Virgil to the most recent stories, bringing out the delicate reflections on the social and existential solitude. In Workers Union, by the Dutch composer Louis Andriessen, everything is written except for the height of the notes. Conceived as a piece for an open and high-volume collection, Andriessen asks, in a brief introductory legend, not to play conventional figures and to strive for a dissonant, chromatic, aggressive sound. And he affirms that only if every single person is conscious of providing an essential contribution, the work will be successful, just as in political (and collective) action.


François Couperin (1668 - 1733): Les Baricades Mistérieuses
Prof. Carmen Leoni Harpsichord

Antonio Salieri (1750 - 1825): Recitative and Aria of Europe from Europe Recognized: "Numi, breath!"
Sara Fanin Soprano (Biennium - Canto Class by Prof. Stefano Gibellato)
Matjaž Zobec Piano (Biennium - Chamber Music Class by Prof. Giovanni Battista Rigon)

Paolo Notargiacomo * (1984): The Maiden Island (2018, first performance)
Voices from modern Europe by vocal and electronic group from Apollinaire, Beck, Corriere della Sera, Descartes, T. S. Eliot, Il Gazzettino, Kafka, Novalis, Salmi, Schiller, Virgil
* Triennium - Composition Class of Prof. Riccardo Vaglini
RITUAL COLLECTIVE: Danilo Dresses, Federico Alessi, Alessandro Baglioni, Michel Barros Bessone, Filippo Bresolin, Francesca Cescon, Ilona Gault, Marija Jovanović, Paolo Notargiacomo, Gianantonio Rossi, Greta Salin, Sara Tozzato, Riccardo Vaglini
Riccardo Sellan Electronics and direction of sound (Triennio - Electronic Music Class by Prof. Paolo Zavagna)

Louis Andriessen (1939): Workers Union
Symphonic movement for any group of high volume instruments (1975)
RITUAL COLLECTIVE directed by Gianantonio Rossi: Francesca Cescon ottavino, Marco Vanni alto sax, Michel Barros Bessone charango, Federico Alessi voice, Filippo Bresolin, Ilona Gault, Marija Jovanović, Paolo Notargiacomo, Riccardo Vaglini keyboards

Gioacchino Rossini (1792 - 1868): Aria di Don Profondo from the Journey to Reims
(European Character Catalog)
Francesco Basso Baritono
Matjaž Zobec Piano (Biennium - Chamber Music Class by Prof. Giovanni Battista Rigon)

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