03.12.2021 Award competition on Climate Change - IX Edition 2021

Concorso sui cambiamenti climatici

CLIMATE CHANGE - The Grand Challenge



Friday, December 3 2021, at 10.30 am, at ATENEO VENETO San Marco 1897 Campo San Fantin in Venice, there was the meeting on the results of the IX edition of  the competition of communication Climate ChanCe 2021 "Climate change - The grand challenge".

WATCH THE RECORDING OF THE MEETING on the Youtube channel of Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice

The event was organized by Shylock University Theatre Centre of Venice in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University and Europe Direct Venezia Veneto. The initiative also has the patronage of Ministry for Econological TransitionCMCC Euro-Mediterranean Climate Change Centre FoundationWWF ItalyLegambienteISDE Italy, UNESCO Italian National Commission.

Interventions of:
  • BIANCA NARDON - Shylock University Theatre Centre of Venice
  • FRANCESCA VIANELLO - Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice 
  • LUCA MERCALLI - Italian Meteorological Society 
  • WARREN CAIRNS, CNR Institute of Polar Sciences and Ca' Foscari University Venice

Unpublished contributions alternating with published works, both selected by a jury composed of: Serenella Iovino UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill, Silvia Scardapane INWARD Observatory on urban creativity, Rosa Polacco - RAI RADIO 3, Selvaggia Santin CMCC Foundation, Maria Grazia Serra ISDE Italy, Mariagrazia Midulla WWF Italy, Paolo Virtuani CORRIERE DELLA SERA and Warren Cairns CNR Institute of Polar Sciences and Ca' Foscari University Venice.


The call for applications drew attention, not exclusively, to a number of particularly important areas:

  • New lifestyles: forms of social and environmental adaptation stimulated by the experience of the Covid19 pandemic
  • Lands of contrasts: places where a marked economic development is associated with the increase of environmental problems.
  • Big "signs" of climate change. Examples include: the anomalies of the Gulf Stream, the melting of ice and permafrost, the exceptional temperatures of the Arctic, an increasing number of extreme phenomena, the great fires in various areas of the planet.
  • International meetings and climate agreements: towards UN COP26 of November 2021
    "The Manifesto of Assisi": a map for an inclusive road towards a new world balance between humanity and the environment.

The initiative aims to stimulate the design and production of communication and artistic tools on the topic of climate change, enhancing a constructive or proactive approach in line with the deepening of the basic knowledge of the latest international reports on the subject.

Also this year, despite the pandemic, the competition has not had any setback, on the contrary it has seen an increasingly lively participation with more than 50 members and an increasing complexity and quality of the projects presented.

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Some pictures of the meeting:
Foto ateneo veneto
foto evento all'ateneo veneto
Foto evento all'ateneo veneto
Foto evento ateneo veneto
Foto evento all'ateneo veneto
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