Universal Civil Service - Europe Direct's call 2023

Also this year Europe Direct Venezia Veneto is looking for a volunteer for the Universal Civil Service at our headquarters in Via Spalti 28 in Mestre!


  • Programme of the project: A changing city: development of citizenship and the territory for an inclusive and supportive future
  • Project area: Education and Cultural Promotion
  • Project's code: PTXSU0016922013485NXTX
  • Duration: 12 months, 5 days a week for a total of 1145 hours
  • Monthly allowance: 440,30 euro
  • Available places: 4 places total, without board and lodging 
  • Aim of the project: To develop and promote cultural, informative and exchange initiatives to foster citizenship in young people, that is, the sense of belonging to communities of life, from the student community and the Venetian territorial community to the European one. These initiatives make it possible to seize the opportunities offered by such memberships, but also to take responsibility for them, developing a capacity for dialogue in diversity, to contribute to the spread of an inclusive and non-violent culture.
The application needs to be submitted online by 2 pm, February 10th, via the website https://domandaonline.serviziocivile.it/
For more informations: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

The Municipality of Venice is looking for 79 young people to be employed in 15 projects 

79 places are made available by the City of Venice as part of the call for the 2022 Universal Civil Service that seeks young people, both sexes, between 18 and 29 years old, Italian, EU and non-EU citizens (in accordance with the residence permit).

The projects that the City of Venice will start in 2022 are 15, divided into three areas:

  • Education, accompaniment, sharing: community development actions through personal support
  • A changing city: development of citizenship and the territory for an inclusive and supportive future
  • Venice: art, environment, culture to live, protect and educate
  • The project inherent to the Europe Direct office, belonging to the second area, aims to promote European identity among young people, transnational mobility, increase intracultural dialogue by promoting initiatives with students and citizens

The projects last 12 months, with a commitment of 25 hours per week and a monthly allowance of 440.30 euros.

The volunteer operators will also be able to take part in two training courses: a general one concerning the values of the Civil Service and a specific training, relating to the activities that the volunteer operator will carry out during the year.

The locations involved will not be only the municipal ones: a numebr of the 86 volunteers will be sent to partner institutions of the City, such as the Civic Museums Foundation, the Biennale, the Foundation Querini Stampalia, the University Pastoral, the Opera Santa Maria della CaritàIPAV and the Agape Onlus Association.

The Civil Service therefore also becomes an opportunity to experiment and train in different and stimulating working environments; it is also recognized in terms of university credits.

To find out the projects of the City of Venice and the modalities of participation you can visit the website: www.comune.venezia.it/serviziocivile  


For more informations:

Via Spalti 28 -  Mestre Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200
e-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

via del Mercato Nuovo 44G
36100 Vicenza
tel. 0444-964770
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