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Pillole d’Europa is a podcast which is articulated in various focus on opportunities on european mobility and european institutions to help young people to know more about the possiibilities of work, internship, and volunteering in Europe and its principal institutions.

The first episode of the podcast gives a general overview of the Conference on the Future of Europe to engage citizens and make them part of an active process to build a better European future. The following episodes are dedicated to explaining the different European institutions such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council and the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Central Bank. Each episode analyses the various functions of these bodies and invites the listener to find out about the various internship opportunities that each institution offers.

The programs are promoted by the service Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of the Municipality of Venice  which its jobs is about raising awareness to citizens on european themes. The podcast are created in collaboration with Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of the Municipality of Venice, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice e University of Padova, they are available on RADIO CA' FOSCARI, on BO LIVE and on PIATTAFORMA SPREAKER!

  1. Network informative Europe Direct-Eurodesk
  2. Exchanges between youth 
  3. ESC European Solidarity Corps
  4. Stage4Eu
  5. EPSO European Personnel Selection Office
  6. EURES European Job Mobility Portal

Episodes  Podcast on the European Institutions

  1. The Future of Europe Conference
  2. The European Parliament
  3. The European Commission
  4. The European Council and the Council of the European Union
  5. The Court of Justice of the European Union
  6. The European Central Bank


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=> FIRST EPISODE: The Conference of the Future of Europe

The Conference of the Future of Europe  was inaugurated on 9 May 2021 and launched a series of citizens' initiative discussions and events to think about the Europe of the future. The conference was a truly ambitious democratic exercise that created a new public space for an open, inclusive and transparent debate about new European challenges. The multilingual digital platform was a key means of developing this initiative to give Europeans a greater say in the work of the European Union. The conference concluded on 9 May this year, on the occasion of Europe Day, providing new orientations on the future of the European Union. In particular, 49 proposals were adopted, covering 9 topics, including more than 300 measures on how to implement them.

=> SECOND EPISODE:The European Parliament

The European parliament is the institution that holds the legislative function together with the political control function and the budgetary function. The European Parliament is the only EU institution directly elected by European citizens and helps to ensure the democratic legitimacy of European law. It is composed of representatives of the Union's citizens elected by direct universal suffrage for a five-year term. The European Parliament has three main seats: the seat in Brussels, the seat in Strasbourg and the seat in Luxembourg. It relies on the help of expert bodies, called think tanks, which research and support public policy. Do you know about Shuman internships in the European Parliament? Listen to the podcast to find out all the details! 


=> THIRD EPISODE: The European Commission 

The European Commission  is the politically independent executive arm of the European Union. It is the only body responsible for drafting proposals for new European legislation. It also implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the EU Council. Its role is to promote the general interest of the EU by proposing legislation and ensuring compliance, implementing EU policies and the EU budget. Are you familiar with the Blue Book internships offered by the Commission? Listen to the podcast to find out all the details!

=> FOURTH EPISODES: The European Council and the Council of the European Union

The European Council and the COuncil of the European Union  are the voice of the nation states within the institutional system of the European Union. Although they have similar names, they are related but very different bodies, starting with their function. The European Council brings together the leaders of the European Union to define its general political direction and priorities. It represents the highest level of political cooperation between EU countries. The Council of the European Union, on the other hand, represents the voice of the governments of EU countries, adopts EU legislation and coordinates EU policies. The Council, together with the European Parliament, is the EU's main decision-making body. 

=> FIFTH EPISODES: The Court of Justice of the European Union

The Court of Justice of the European Union  is the European institution that interprets EU law to ensure that it is applied equally in all Member States and settles legal disputes between national governments and EU institutions. The CJEU, the acronym of the institution, rules on cases brought before it. The Court of Justice is divided into two chambers: the Court and the General Court. Want to know more? Do you know about internships at the Court of Justice of the European Union? Listen to the podcast to find out all the details! 

=> SIXTH EPISODE: The European Central Bank 

The European Central Bank, or ECB, is the European institution that manages the euro and implements the EU's economic and monetary policy. Its main task is to maintain price stability, thereby promoting growth and employment. The ECB directs the cooperation between the national central banks of all EU countries and forms the Eurosystem, i.e. the European System of Central Banks. Did you know that the ECB offers internship opportunities? Listen to the podcast to find out all the details! 


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