Podcast "Pillole d'Europa" - The European mobility

Pillole d'Europa is a podcast articulated in various focus on European mobility opportunities to help young people learn about job opportunities, internships, volunteering and group projects in Europe. All the programs proposed are funded by the European Union and allow young people to live a unique experience to expand their cultural background together with an educational experience to enrich the CV.

The programmes submitted are promoted by the Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of the Municipality of Venice which aims to raise public awareness of European issues.The podcasts were created in collaboration between Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of the Municipality of Venice, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Padova University.

Episodes of the Podcast:
1. Europe Direct-Eurodesk information network
2. Youth exchanges
3. ESC European Solidarity Corps
4. Stage4eu
5. EPSO European Personnel Selection Office
6. EURES European Job Mobility Portal


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=> FIRST EPISODE: Europe Direct service and Eurodesk 

Europe Direct is the European information network for citizens, created by the European Commission to raise awareness of the activities and opportunities offered by the European Union. Personalised advice can be obtained through Europe Direct to obtain information on Community programmes and European mobility opportunities for young people. Europe Direct acts as an intermediary between the European Union and citizens with whom it establishes a two-way communication for the exchange of innovative ideas. Europe Direct centres are part of a decentralised network at national and European level. Europe Direct Venezia of the Municipality of Veneto is also point Eurodesk, European network for information, guidance and planning on initiatives in Europe for young people, in particular the European programme ERASMUS+.
All information can be found on the website of Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice and visit the webpage of Eurodesk Italy.



=> SECOND EPISODE: Youth exchanges

Youth Exchanges are European mobility projects of the European ERASMUS+ programme which allow groups of young people from different countries to meet and live together for a short funded period of 5 to 21 days. The aim of the exchange is to give space to young people to explore together a common theme from sport to art, from the environment to European citizenship. During the exchange, the participants complete all together a program of work designed and prepared by themselves before the exchange. This experience allows children to develop skills, learn and deepen areas socially relevant topics, discover new cultures, habits and lifestyles, especially through peer learning strengthening solidarity and collaboration.
All information is available on the website of Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice and on Youth Portal in the youth exchange section. 

=> THIRD EPISODE: European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is the European Union’s programme that offers young people numerous opportunities for volunteering, individual or group, in their own country or abroad, as part of local projects intended to help communities in Europe. The activities that can be carried out cover several areas, including education and training, citizenship and democratic participation. These projects are an excellent opportunity to help, develop new skills, spend time abroad, learn a language and return home with a rich cultural background.

All information is available on the website of Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice and in the dedicated section on the website Europa.eu 


Stage4eu is a platform, available as a mobile app and website, to help young people who want to do an internship in the European Union. The platform offers interesting internship opportunities in European countries with information, testimonials and useful advice on how to organize your experience. It is a point of reference for those looking for an internship in the European Union and a valuable working tool for guidance, training and placement services.
All information is available on the website of Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice and on the web platform Stage4eu.



EPSO is the meeting point between aspiring talents and institutions of the European Union and manages the EU Careers website, which contains information for the general public on the selection procedures of the European Union. EPSO organises public, general or specialised competitions to select qualified and suitable personnel for a fixed and indefinite period for all European institutions, from the European Parliament to the European Economic and Social Committee. EPSO’s strategic orientation is to highlight proactivity and responsiveness, anticipate trends in the search for diversified talents, and apply clear, agile, transparent and accessible procedures to all candidates.
All information is available on the website of Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice and on the website EPSO.  



EURES, is the European Employment Services, network coordinated by the European Commission. It was created with the aim of improving the European labour market by stimulating employment through greater mobility of workers and facilitating free movement within the European economic area. EURES helps job-seekers to find a job and employers to recruit staff across Europe. EURES shall provide access to information, guidance and support services, together with advice on living and working conditions in the Member States of the European Union.
All information is available on the website of Europe Direct of the municipality of Venice and the European Professional Mobility Portal EURES.

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