Exhibition "The Founding Mothers and Fathers of the European Union" - Stefanini Institute of Mestre, Venice

i padri fondatori     le madri fondatrici dell'Europa

From 5 to 31 of May, 2018 the exhibition "The Founding Mothers and Fathers of the European Union" took place in Venice at the Stefanini Institute of Mestre.
Opening Saturday 5 May 2018 - 11.00 am - Via Miglio, 3 - Mestre Venezia (free entry).

The Europe Direct service in Venice, an information point of the European Union in the Veneto region, offered the didactic exhibition "The Founding Mothers and Fathers of the European Union", which gathers two exhibition routes: the one concerning the Founding Fathers on official documentation of the Commission European and the one concerning the founding mothers on a project of the La Sapienza University of Rome, result of the work of the researcher Maria Pia Di Nonno (with the portraits of Giulia Del Vecchio), for which the Department for European Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers collaborates in national dissemination.

The exhibition is dedicated to 9 women and 11 men - visionary leaders - who inspired the creation of the European Union in which we live today:

- Founging Mothers:
Sofia Corradi,
Fausta Deshormes La Valle,
Maria De Unterrichter,
Ursula Hirschmann,
Ada Rossi,
Sophie Scholl,
Eliane Vogel-Polsky,
Louise Weiss,
Simone Veil.
- Founding Fathers:
Konrad Adenauer,
Joseph Bech,
Johan Willem Beyen,
Winston Churchill,
Alcide De Gasperi,
Walter Hallstein,
Sicco Mansholt,
Jean Monnet,
Robert Schuman,
Paul-Henri Spaak,
Altiero Spinelli.

The main theme of the exhibition is to emphasize that these men and women were convinced that people living in Europe, while remaining proud of their identity and their national history, were determined to overcome the old divisions and to build their common destiny together.
The exhibition is divided into 17 panels and combines drawings and photographs with a series of bilingual texts, written in Italian and English, in order to reach national and international audiences.

At the opening, the following speeches are planned:
- School Director of the Stefanini High School, dott.ssa Sandra Carraro
- Dr. Francesco Vianello of Europe Direct of the City of Venice
- the president CIME dott. Pier Virgilio Dastoli
- the Director of the Council of Europe in Venice, Dr Luisella Pavan Woolfe
- The Director General of the USR for the Veneto was invited by Dr Daniela Beltrame and the Director of the FSO in Venice, Dr Mirella Nappa.

Access the Luigi Stefanini State High School page dedicated to the Exhibition

Exhibition opening hours:
08.00-18.00 Monday to Friday - 08.00-14.00 Saturday
Via Miglio, 3 - Mestre-Venice
Free entry

For information
Europe Direct Venice
number 800 496200
fax 041 2748182


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