The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) - 2021/2022


The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) involves schools throughout Europe and consists of an annual training course that will culminate in the ceremony of delivery and affixing the plaque of the School Ambassador of the European Parliament.

Former President of the European Parliament David Sassoli leaves a message to teachers and students participating in the "Schools Ambassadors of the European Parliament" - EPAS: this initiative contributes to bringing the European Union and its citizens closer together, promoting parliamentary democracy and the commitment of young people - Click here to watch the message of President Sassoli  

EPAS Veneto 
For the 2021/2022 school year in Veneto, the following secondary schools of second degree have joined the Europe Direct of the City of Venice to support in the area:
  • Liceo Angela Veronese di Montebelluna (TV) - see detail
  • Istituto Maria Ausiliatrice di Padova (PD) - see detail
  • Liceo Guarino Veronese di San Bonifacio (VR) - see detail
  • Liceo Flaminio di Vittorio Veneto (TV) - see detail
  • Istituto Alberghiero Beltrame di Vittorio Veneto (TV) - see detail 
EPAS - How it works 
The course aims to bring students closer to Europe and the European Parliament in particular, to make them aware of how it works, encourage interaction between students and Members of the European Parliament and provide useful information to young people on Europe’s training and work opportunities for young people. Relations with schools in other European countries are also fostered through the network of ambassador schools. 

Schools are required to organize an initiative to involve the school community and possibly citizenship around 9 May. On this occasion, the Members of the European Parliament in the constituency to which the school refers will participate in the ceremony of the plaque and will deliver the parchments for teachers and students as "European Parliament Ambassadors"

Click here for more information on EPAS

In normal times, the Schools of Ambassadors have the opportunity to take part in competitions enabling winners to take part in European Parliament plenary simulation days in Strasbourg under the Euroscola programme. These simulations are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 but we hope they will be reactivated soon.

Main themes for the 2021/2022 edition:
  • Environmental protection 
  • Green
  • Digital
  • Conference on the Future of Europe 
  • European citizenship 
The activities will be organised jointly by the "senior ambassadors" (professors) and the "junior ambassadors" (students):
  • Creation of an Infopoint on the European Union, an information and activity point dedicated to Europe and its institutions (brochure, website, social media contacts and other information material);
  • Initiatives on EU legislation and regulation, both within and outside the school;
  • Debates with Memebers of the European Parliament;
  • Initiatives on EU legislation and regulation within and outside the school;
  • The Senior Ambassador guides pupils in the study of teaching materials on the European Union and ensures that junior ambassadors are able to share their knowledge of the European institutions and the European Parliament with their classmates, encouraging them to become "active European citizens". The didactic material to be provided consists of a manual for teachers and a publication divided into modules for students;
    Teachers and pupils actively follow all updates on the Twitter and Facebook pages of the European Parliament’s Information Office;
    Teachers encourage students to post news, blogs, photos, videos;
    Each year, preferably around 9 May, when Europe Day is celebrated, the senior ambassador and junior ambassadors organise an event for Europe Day.




On Thursday 11 November 2021, Giovedì 11 novembre 2021, high school teachers met virtually and Europe Direct Venice Veneto was there to give support. The event was introduced by Valeria Fiore and Chiara Landolfo, European Parliament officials in Italy, who together with Italiacamp will coordinate and supervise the project and by Riccardo Santilli, Head of Humanities Domain Società Italiacamp.
-Carlo Corazza, the Head Director of the European Parliament in Italy 
-Maurizio Molinari, Media Responsible of the European Parliament in Italy and Head Director of the European Parliament office in Milan
- ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable economic development 
- Luana Moresco of the Fondazione Antonio Megalizzi
-Andrea Chiriatti, Vice President of the Italiacamp ETS Association and Francesca Margheriti of the Italiacamp ETS Association
Throughout the event spoke Chiara Landolfo, EPAS Referee for central, southern and island constituencies - European Parliament in Italy
Some photos of the event: 
progetto EPAS
progetto EPAS
progetto EPAS

For more information:

Ufficio d'informazione in Italia - Sede di Roma
tel. 06 699501

Ufficio d'informazione in Italia - Sede di Milano
tel. 02 4344171

Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
Via Spalti 28, Mestre-Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200

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