On Tuesday 8 May 2018 from 12.30 at the university dining hall of Rio Novo ESU (Fondamenta del Rio Novo 3647, Venice) was held the EUROPEAN LUNCH TIME HAPPENING, Stories of students in European mobility, a community reading 'tasted' between travel atmospheres, intercultural exchanges and musical suggestions.

The project is the result of the collaboration between Europe Direct of the City of Venice, the ESU of Venice and the Shylock University Theater Center of Venice and is developed through an expressive workshop that involves the students of the Venetian universities to create an interaction in the cafeteria, an implicit place full of crossings and intercultural sharing.

Testimonials of European students in mobility, intertwined with different types of texts about nutrition and its importance in the community, are linked in the form of reading and improvisation by musical and visual suggestions, in order to involve in a new way the university public during the meal context.

The reading-happening includes the original elaboration of some poems, also taken from the testimonies of Erasmus students, in music and singing form.

On May 8th the manager of the Mensa Universitaria will prepare a nice European menu inspired by classic recipes from European countries.

Photos of the event:


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