Dialogue about the future of Europe

Beatrice Covassi, Head of the Italian Representation of the European Commission
17.00 Florian coffee
Piazza San Marco, Venice
Free drinks until exhaustion

The Europe Day in Venice 2018 ends on Thursday 31 May at 5 pm at the prestigious Florian café (San Marco Square - Venice) with the "Dialogue about the future of Europe" with the speech by Beatrice Covassi, Head of Representation in Italy of the European Commission.

- Beatrice Covassi, Head of the Italian Representation of the European Commission
- Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, Director of the Venice Office of the Council of Europe
- Tiziana Lippiello, Vice-Rector with responsibility for the International Relations of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice
- Paola Ravenna, Director of Community Policies of the City of Venice
- moderator: Giovanni De Luca, Director of RAI Veneto

Beatrice Covassi is Head of the Italian Representation of the European Commission since 16 April 2016. Her role is to represent the European Commission and President Jean-Claude Juncker in Italy, interfacing with the national and regional institutions, stakeholders, the media and citizens. Beatrice Covassi provides her office with a solid experience of over 15 years in the European institutions, enriched by strong diplomatic skills and public awareness.

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CITIZENS' DIALOGUE - Dialogue with citizens

The European Commission is taking part in the European cities Dialogues with Citizens to show the concrete face of Europe but above all to gather the demands, the expectations, the criticisms of the citizens on the policies of the Union and on the European construction path. In line with the topics discudded, the European Commissioners responsible were present as representatives of the governments and local institutions at the Dialogues.
The Representation of the European Commission in Italy has decided to promote, from the end of 2017 and throughout 2018, a series of Dialogues with citizens to share their point of view on the future of Europe.

Dialogues with citizens are public debates with European Commissioners and other decision-makers in the EU, such as members of the European Parliament or political representatives at national, regional and local levels. Events, organized as question and answer sessions, are an opportunity to pose questions to EU policymakers, express opinions and describe the impact of EU policies on citizens. You can also share your ideas about the future of Europe.

More information about the Citizens' Dialogue

EU leaders have committed themselves to a Europe that achieves real results in matters close to the citizens. Find out how to participate in helping shape the future of the European Union. For the European elections in 2019, the Heads of State have drawn up a leader's agenda on urgent issues and challenges for which a solution needs to be found.

You can contribute to the online consultation elaborated by the citizens themselves, read and comment on the white paper on the future of Europe, attend the dialogues with the citizens organized by the European Commission or take part in other debates organized in your country.