Conference-debate "Europe for young people" and award ceremony of the competition "Become European citizens"

Conference-debate EUROPE FOR YOUTH and

9.30-13.00 Auditorium Metropolitan City of Venice
Via Forte Marghera 191, Mestre
Free entry until exhaustion

Tuesday 14 May 2019 from 9.00 to 13.00 at the Auditorium of the Metropolitan City of Venice, via Forte Marghera 191 Mestre, was held the Conference-debate "Europe for young people" organized by Europe Direct-Eurodesk of the Municipality of Venice, in collaboration with MFE European Federalist Movement, EURES, Veneto Lavoro, the European Parliament and the Metropolitan City of Venice.
The themes of the conference were: the job opportunities abroad made available by the European Union, transnational youth mobility and active European citizenship.
Afterwards there was the award ceremony of the Competition "Become European citizens" for high schools in Veneto in collaboration with the MFE European Federalist Movement.
The official plaque delivery ceremony for the School of Ambassador of the European Parliament was also programmed with the delivery of a parchment to the junior and senior ambassadors of the Ambassador School Programme project at Stefanini high school of Mestre-Venezia.
The multimedia presentation realised with the Junior Ambassadors of the Stefanini high school in Mestre was presented. The work is distributed with Creative Commons License Attribution and will be visible until 26 May 2019, date of the European elections.

Information services and European networks useful to young people who want to have a transnational mobility experience have been presented:



Introduction and greetings from the authorities
   Ermelinda Damiano, President of the city council of Venice
   Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, Director of the Venetian office of the Council of Europe
   Francesca Favino, MIUR - Veneto Regional Education Department
I SESSION:  Conference-debate "Europe for young people"
- Network for young people in the territory
  Francesca Vianello, Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia (slides attached below)
  Mauro Mazzetto - Eurodesk Comune di Venezia
- Jobs in Europe
  Roberta Scarpa, EURES – Veneto Lavoro (slides attached below)
- Transnational youth mobility and active European citizenship
  Mauro Mazzetto, Europe Direct-Eurodesk Comune di Venezia (slides attached below)
- Erasmus experiences
  Nunzia Di Francesco e Isabella Milto,  ESN Erasmus Student Network Venezia
  Barbara Forni, European Parliament Information Office in Milan


Coffee break
II SESSION:  Ambassador School Programme Final Ceremony
III SESSION: Award ceremony of the Competition "Become European citizens"
  Giorgio Anselmi, President of MFE
  Experience from a member of the GFE Gioventù Federalista Europea Venezia
Closing cerimony
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