Forbidden behaviour

Current regulations enforced by the Venice City Council Municipal Police forbid certain behaviour, in order to preserve urban cleanliness and landscape, and also for reasons of safety and public hygiene.

The violation of such regulations involves the application of administrative fines – from €25 to €500.

Fine: 200 €

Except in specifically designated areas, it's forbidden to sit in St. Mark's Square and in Piazzetta dei Leoncini, beneath the arcades and on the steps of the Procuratie Nuove, the Napoleonic Wing, the Sansovino Library, beneath the arcades of the Ducal Palace, in the impressive entranceway to St. Mark's Square otherwise known as Piazzetta San Marco and its jetty.

“No standing at any time” – even to consume food and drink, with the exclusion of restaurants, cafés, and refreshment areas.

It is forbidden to litter public areas (i.e. throw papers, cans, bottles and any type of solid or liquid refuse and/or hinder circulation/traffic on bridges and alleys.
(see articles 23 and 49 septies of Urban Police regulations)


Fine: 450 euro

It is forbidden to swim, dive or immerse oneself in streams, canals, whether public or private, and in St. Mark’s Basin, or in any water spot near any inhabited municipal area.
(see art. 23 of Urban Police regulations)


Fine: from 100 € to 200 €

It is forbidden to litter or throw refuse in public areas, or places open to the public throughout the City of Venice.
(see art. 23 of Urban Police regulations)


Fine: 200 €

It is forbidden for both males and females, to walk in city streets, stand at any time in public places and establishments, travel with public or private means while bare-chested or wearing swimwear.
(see art. 12 Urban Police Regulations)


Fine: from 50 € to 200 €

For health reasons and to safeguard the artistic heritage, it is forbidden to give food or leave, scatter and abandon food wastes on alleys, in squares or other public places, in streams and canals throughout the City of Venice.
(see art. 24 of Municipal regulations regarding Urban Veterinary Hygiene and Animal Welfare)


Fine: 100 €

Bicycles are forbidden (even when only lead by hand) in Venice city centre – excepting when used by city residents and children up to 8yrs of age.
(see art. 28 bis, of Urban Police Regulations)


Fine: 50 €

It is forbidden to camp, lie on benches, or stand at any time with camping equipment in any part of the City of Venice.
(see articles 23 and 24 of Urban Police Regulations)

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