Ceremony delivery of Certilingua® certificates 20 May 2021

Thursday, May 20 at 11.00 was held the ceremony of delivery of the certificates of CERTILINGUA® for the 2021 edition. 

Participants welcome on zoom platform

Institutional greetings
Carmela Paumbo, Director General Regional School Office Veneto
Luisella Pavan Woolfe, Director of the Venice Office of the Council of Europe
Angela Riggio, Office Manager II USR Veneto

Gisella Langé, Chairman of the National Evaluation and Evaluation Committee: "CERTILINGUA®: Plurilingual and Intercultural Excellence"
Diana Saccardo, Technical Director for the languages of the Ministry of Education: "The role of languages in the Italian school"
Eugenia Sainz, Researcher at Ca' Foscari University: "The Spanish language in Italy"
Francesca Vianello, Head of Europe Direct Municipality of Venice: "The Europe Direct network of Veneto"
Laura Donà, Coordinator of Technical Managers USR Veneto: Delivery of certificates CERTILINGUA®
Student testimonials


Since the school year 2011/2012 the Directorate General for School Regulations promotes the project "Certilingua®, European Certificate of Excellence for plurilingual skills and European/international skills"It was created in the context of cross-border cooperation to meet the need for international certification to support multilingualism and student mobility.

The Certificate is an element of added value to the Secondary Education Diploma of the second degree and ensures transparency and comparability of the skills acquired in the school pathways of the various countries.
Issued by the individual Regional School Offices, after verification by an Evaluation and Validation Committee appointed by the Ministry, Certilingua®  attests the ability of the graduate to interact in an international context in two or more languages, beyond the mother tongue.

Specifically, the Certificate outlines the outgoing profile of the student at the end of the State Exam session on the basis of the following requirements:

B2 or higher language proficiency levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, established through an internationally recognised Certifying Body, in at least two languages other than their mother tongue;
attendance of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) courses in one or more non-linguistic subjects for a minimum of 70 hours of lessons in the last two years of secondary schools;
European citizenship skills acquired through participation in international cooperation projects, corresponding to level 4 of the Common Framework for European Competences implemented by the European Elos Network.


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Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
Via Spalti 28, Mestre-Venezia
telefono 345 8358360 (nel periodo di smart-working)
e-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it


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