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Followed is reported a selection of publications. 
The following publications are exctracts of the ones available in the european websitehttps://op.europa.eu/it/home where everyone can request directly and freely copies available. 
The publication sent are subjects to the availability of themself and not always is possible. 
The Conference on the future of Europe offers European citizens with a unique experience, at the right moment, to reason on challenges about the priorities in Europe.
It is about the central element of the Conference of Europe in which they can share ideas, find events, read the contents of all events and to follow the state of the development of the Conference. It is possible to do that in the 24 official languages of the European Unions. 
The panels of european citizens are a fundamental element of the Conference on the FUture of Europe, an innovative exercise on deliberative democracy on the European Union. 
The present publication it is a guide on the European Union (EU) and its activities. 
Orientamenti commissione europea copertina
In this publication you can find political orientation for the next European Commission 2019-2024, the opening speech of the plenary session of the European Parliament of July 16th 2019 and the speech in the plenary meeting of the European parliament of November 27th 2019. 
immagine copertina pubblicazione
It is available "Citizens of Europe, cultures and rights", third volumes of the collection "Know Europe, know of Europe" for Ca' Foscari Edition  - Digital Publishing  curated by Lauso Zagato and Marilena Vecco.
The volume is inspired with the Seminar "At the heart of the european citizenships. Cultural rights" which was held in Baratto's room, in  Ca’ Foscari, June 6th 2013 in occasion of Europe Day Celebration in collaboration with Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice. 
In this publication tìit is described the visioners who inspired the creation of the Europe we live today in. The were an heterogeneous group of people moved by the same ideals: peace, unity, and the prosperity of Europe. A lot of them worked to end the conflict in Europe and the horros of the two World War and to promote peace and solidarity among people, acting as heroes of the fundamental values in which the EU is based on: freedom, democracy and equality; respect for human dignity, of human rights and right of the State; solidarity and protection of all members of the society. 
In this publication you can find more detailed, useful advices and a geographic map of Europe. 
Mappa dell'UE
Updated map of the European Union. 
A collection of essential information about the European Union, its Member State and the candidates' state. It contains a description of the EU institutions, demographic dats, official languages and other information uselful for each country. 
Il parlamento europeo copertina
The voice of the citizens of the European Union: a short guide to the European Parliament.
SCHENGEN: The access door to the free circolation in Europe
This publication gives the essential information on the history of the enlargement of the Schengen area. It gives useful data about the cooperation of the police and customs, the internal and external barriers, and the system of information of theSchengen (SIS). The booklet explains even the questions related to the judiciary cooperation, visas and asylum seekers. 
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The publication on the single currency: how the euro was born, how it is used, which advantages it offers and how it is managed.
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The publication have uself advices to find and propose a vacant place in any State member of the European Union, other than Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. All of these countries had signed an agreement to conset to their respective citizens to travel and work on the territories of another signing country. 
L'Europa in 12 lezioni copertina
What does the European Union is useful for? How was it born and why? How does it work? What are the results that has achieved for its citizens and the new challenges that have to face today? Find the answers to these questions thanks to 12 easy lessons prepared from an expert of the European affairs Pascal Fontaine. 
La storia europea copertina
A publication which includes the last 60 years of European History, analyzing the vistories and the failures which have underlined its path and start from the Rome Treaties of the 1957. 
If you are between 14 and 18 years old or if you are a teacher of seconday school and you are interested in getting to know more on the European Union and what it does for you, this publication is for you. There are excercises inside they offer new interests and reflections that can be deepened talking about Europe with your friends and families. The present booklet has an online quiz, which is a funny way to study over some of the themes inside.
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