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Simulation of the European Parliament
Veumeu Venice Universities' Model European Union
Venice International University San Servolo Island, Venice
=> In compliance with the containment measures Covid the event takes place online for students registered =

From 8 to 9 May 2021, the fifth edition of the Veumeu Venice Universities' Model European Union, a simulation of the European Union legislative procedure that takes place at the VIU in Venice on the Island of San Servolo, will be held. The initiative has been organized thanks to the collaboration between:

- Venice International University,
- Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia,
- Venice Diplomatic Society,
- Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia,
- Bringing Europeans Together Association  (BETA Italia),
- Eiuc-European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights,
- San Servolo Servizi

The Veumeu is also supported by the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS). 
Three political analysts will participate in the Veumeu, providing their expert advice and guidance to students during deliberations:
Gregor Erbach  - Head of the Climate Action Research and Monitoring Service section, EPRS.
Nora Milotay  - Policy Analyst in the Economic Policy Unit, EPRS. 
Joanna Apap  - Strategic Liaison for Academia and Think Tanks in the Strategy and Coordination Unit, EPRS. 
EPRS provided Topical Digest on the issues that will be discussed and debated during the simulation. See the documents below in the Support Materials section.


As a simulation of the European Union’s legislative procedure, the participants are members of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, following the steps of the ordinary legislative procedure by which European directives and regulations are adopted. A group of students also form the body of journalists, which is in charge of reporting on the developments of the weekend of activity. The Veumeu is an excellent opportunity for students to approach the world of multilateral diplomacy and to hone their negotiating and leadership skills. Students will learn about the functioning of the European legislative process, the rules of procedure, the introduction of amendments and how to draft EU directives and regulations.

For the 2021 edition, the Legal Acts that will be adopted for the simulation are:

European Climate Law (regulation): proposal to supplement the existing policy framework by defining the long-term travel direction and enshrining the goal of 2050 climate neutrality in EU law, strengthening adaptation efforts, establishing a process to define and review a 2050, regular evaluation and a process in case of insufficient progress or inconsistencies. It also instructs the Commission to review existing policies and Union legislation with a view to their consistency with the objective of climate neutrality and the trajectory identified ( read here ).

  • The right to disconnection: this is a legislative initiative report that requires a new measure that will innovate and deal with new technologies, as well as an update and amendment of the previous directive. In the context of digital transformation in the world of work, the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs has adopted a legislative initiative report calling on the Commission to propose an EU directive laying down minimum requirements for the right to disconnection. ( read here ).


Supporting material
Topical Digest on European climate legislation.
Topical Digest on the right to disconnect.
Parliament resolution on the right of disconnection: link .
Regulation on the European climate law: link 
Applications and participation
The participation is open to students of Ca 'Foscari University, Global Campus of Human Rights, VIU and VIU associate.
It is possible to apply for participation by 2 April 2021. Link form

The selection of participants and the attribution to institutions / committees is supervised by the Organizing Committee in order to reach the highest level of international participation.

An intensive preparatory seminar will be held online on 17 April 2021.
Participants must attend at least 70% of the activities (Veumeu 8-9 May and preparatory workshop), will be awarded a certificate of attendance.
The selected participants will be informed by 9 April.

There is no registration fee, as the event is free of charge.
Personal expenses, such as lunch and various transport costs, are however borne by the participants.
For more information, see the dedicated page on the sites of Venice International University e dell'Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia.


2020 Edition:
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