27.09.2022 Heritage walks of the City of Venice

Two Heritage Walks took place in Forte Marghera on Tuesday 27 September 2022.

These heritage days were part of the European Heritage Days 2022 . The 2022 edition was entitled 'Sustainable Cultural Heritage: A Legacy for the Future' and proposed a reflection on the sustainable management of cultural heritage and landscape from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

The two guided tours were held, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, at the symbolic site of the territorial connection between Venice and Mestre, a site of military presence that has now become an integral part of Mestre's urban fabric. The visit was aimed at those who in past editions had been unable to attend due to a limit of participants.

The event, history 'told and walked', was an opportunity to investigate the origins of this vast area of the city dominated by greenery and water, which throughout the history of the Serenissima was called 'Malghera' or 'Marghera'. It was an opportunity to reflect on the relationship of the Venetians with the water element and with rivers and canals in particular, with which they have dealt over time with great care and respect. In short, an opportunity for many to contribute by raising awareness of sustainable heritage.



Guide: Arianna Gambirasi, art historian and official guide

11:00 a.m. - First round

15:00 - Second round

The duration was one and a half hours and the groups consisted of a maximum of 25 people.



  • To register, it was necessary to send an e-mail to servizio.produzioni.culturali@comune.venezia.it specifying name, shift (morning or afternoon) and mobile phone number for any communications.

    Registration opened on Thursday 22 September 2022 and closed on Monday 26 September 2022 at 12 noon.

    The day, between history and nature, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Europe Direct Venezia Veneto and the Municipality of Venice with the Fondazione Forte Marghera, which for years has been hosting cultural events and exhibitions of international importance within its walls and has made its spaces and organisational structure available to make known, also through heritage walks, a place now dedicated to sociality, culture and education.

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