25-26.09.2021 Giornate europee del patrimonio 2021

On 25 and 26 September 2021, the European Heritage Days (EGP), an initiative of the Council of Europe in collaboration with the European Union, returned to more than 50 countries.

The title of this edition was "Cultural Heritage: ALL included!". This year’s theme was a reflection on how the participation in the cultural heritage should be extended to all citizens, including all age groups, ethnic groups, minorities and people with disabilities present on the territory.

For the 2021 edition, the Italian representation of the Council of Europe based in Venice coordinated the organization of almost 90 initiatives in 19 Italian regions, of which 20 took place in the Veneto Region. This result has been possible thanks to the consolidated partnership with the Ministry of Culture (MIC), the Italian Federation of Associations and Clubs for UNESCO, WIGWAM Italia, the regional Ecomuseums and a new collaboration with the Italian Institute of Castles that has decided to celebrate the National Days of Castles within the GEP.

A large number of associations accepted the invitation to participate formulated by the Director Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, proposing in particular heritage walks. According to the Director "Different from the well-known guided tour, the heritage walk promotes the interaction of citizens with cultural heritage. Through the experiences of the inhabitants the extraordinary artistic and naturalistic riches of our territories are revealed: from the industrial archaeology to the architecture of the last centuries, from the lagoon to the rivers".

The walks were organized with the coordination of the Venice Office of the Council of Europe, the only office in Italy, in collaboration with the Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of the City of Venice.


Foto della conferenza stampa  Foto della conferenza stampa 

The coordination of Heritage Walks is part of a targeted series of initiatives put in place by the Venice Office to promote knowledge and accession to the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on the value of cultural heritage for society (Faro Convention), ratified by Italy in September 2020.

More information on individual events can be found both on the website of the Venice Office of the Council of Europe (www.coe.int/venice under the heading Faro Convention, section "Coming events") and on the website of the Mic - Ministry of Culture (link: http://musei.beniculturali.it/notizie/notifiche/day-europee-del-patrimonio-2021).
The event poster is available in electronic format at this link: BROCHURE GEP 2021.


Program of the 20 Heritage Walks 2021 for Veneto:

    Rediscovery of the "Prato della Valle" in Padua -Wigwam (PD)
    Discovering the high water: KAADI 3, Kid High Water Discovery 3... year - Wigwam (VE)
    Listen to the sound of the wind in the Plain Forest -Wigwam (VR)
    Sailing boat experience around the island of Pellestrina and Lido -Wigwam (VE)
    CAA we play and bike to discover our inclusive heritage -Wigwam (PD)
    Search history and history with art will come from you -Parish of St. Michael Archangel -Candiana (PD)
    Contemplate art and art will come from you -Parish of St. George Martyr and Municipality of San Giorgio in Bosco (PD)
    Create a small forest -Wigwam (VE)
    From the stones of the path to fossils in the Museum: we learn to recognize the rocks and fossils of the territory of the Euganean Hills -Wigwam (PD)
    From the Botteghe to the gondola: the Venetian handicraft is revealed -Cultural Association El Felze (VE)
    After the factories. Walk in the post-industrial places of the Giudecca -IVESER (VE)
    The festival of the traveller -Wigwam (VI)80. Learn the Pratiarcati, cycling to the rediscovery of the territory -Wigwam (PD)
    Inclusive Solidarity of embroidery "Burkina Band" -Wigwam (PD)
    The story is with...tatto! -Comune di Sommacampagna (VR)
    The waters of Mestre and the mills of its River -Ass. The Seven Dwarfs (VE)
    Le rajse dell'Alto Vicentino -Wigwam (VI)
    Youth heritage: Educating to emotions to prevent bullying -Wigwam (PD)
    Rediscovering Forte San Felice -Comune di Chioggia -Comitato Forte San Felice (VE)
    Villa Manfrin Inclusive -Villa dei Trevigiani, a day of culture and history -Tarvisium Gioiosa (TV)
    Visit to the Green Granze-Wigwam project site (PD)


Heritage walks of the City of Venice linked to the European Heritage Days:
27 and 29 September 2021
"Beyond the limit: walks to discover Forte Marghera"

Also this year the City of Venice - in collaboration with the Forte Marghera Foundation and Europe Direct - has joined the initiative promoted by the Council of Europe for the European Heritage Days - Heritage Walks - whose title, for the 2021 edition, was "Heritage. All inclusive". The City Council has opened to the bearers of sensory disabilities this year’s walks that were all held within Forte Marghera, in accordance with the message implied in the title, to ensure broad participation in culture, promote interaction with people and make them more involved in the cultural life of the city,  The presence of an interpreter of sign language represented the narration also in this language.

The Fort is a place of the Venetian territory that presents endless possibilities of fruition, study and research; proof of this are the many events that take place within it and the prestigious subjects that operate there such as the Biennale and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. This is a very particular strategic area that represents a small world in its own right, a place of culture and youth gathering and, at the same time, connected, by its nature, to Venice and to all its historical, residential, political and cultural fabric.

This kind of small citadel, surrounded by greenery at the gates of Mestre and overlooking the water towards Venice, offers ideas for investigation, reflection and historical research that are revealed, gradually, more and more in-depth and fascinating, stimulating the desire to discover it and the commitment to continue to do research and to plan new paths within it.

Forte Marghera was born as a fortification placed at the edge of the water and the land, at the behest of the French and made by the Austrians, and rises at the moment in which the Serenissima Republic has just ceased to exist: end and beginning, limit and opening, earth and water... these are some of the characteristics that connote it, and during the guided tours will retrace these and many other aspects, in a relaxing and stimulating walk between nature and memory, between military architecture and historical events.

The guide that accompanied the visitors in each walk was Dr Arianna Gambirasi, Art Historian and Official Guide and Dr Elena Busani, interpreter in sign language.

Monday, September 27 1 st shift: 10.30 am - second shift: 17.30 pm
Wednesday, 29 September single shift: 17.30

Meeting place: Mestre, Forte Marghera, car parking place in front of the entrance of the Fort

Duration: 1 h30

Participants: maximum 25 people, 7 of whom are deaf


Some images from the 2020 edition:
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