22-23.09.2018 European Heritage Days 2018

On 22nd and 23rd September 2018 patrimonial walks were held in Italy, in particular in Venice, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.

The patrimonial walks are an initiative promoted since 1991 by the Council of Europe and the European Union, to enhance and encourage exchange and dialogue in the cultural sphere.For a whole weekend in September it is possible to free all citizens of the cultural heritage of the 50 member countries of the European Heritage Convention, encouraging them to participate actively in its safeguard and transmission to the new generations. Every year a different theme is chosen, which may concern specific aspects of heritage, defined historical periods or the relationship between society and heritage.This year's edition is dedicated to the theme entitled "European Year of Cultural Heritage: the art of sharing", which attempts to build and create ever closer and more significant links between the places of culture and their territories, the communities and the people that they represent. Starting from the territory, there is a wide reflection that investigates the traces of the common past, the shared traditions, exchanges and contaminations, stories of personalities or communities that in the past have inhabited the places, stories and visions of who sees the territory from the outside or with different eyes.

Not just a guided tour, the heritage promenade promotes the interaction of citizens with their cultural heritageIt is conceived and realized by those who live and work in the area to which they have developed a sense of belonging. The participants are led by witnesses, that is, people who live in places or attend them for work and who, therefore, include in their explanations an emotional component that is unique. In this way the visitor rediscovers through his walk his city observing it from another perspective.

2018 is the European year of cultural heritage. The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage as many people as possible to discover and get involved in the cultural heritage of Europe and to strengthen the sense of belonging to a common European area. From January to December there will be a series of initiatives and events throughout Europe to allow citizens to get closer and learn more about their cultural heritage.The cultural heritage shapes our identity and our daily life, it surrounds us in the cities and villages of Europe, when we are immersed in natural landscapes or we find ourselves in archaeological sites. It is not only literature, art and objects, but also the craftsmanship learned from our ancestors, the stories we tell our children, the food we enjoy in company and the films we watch to recognize ourselves.

Patrimonial walks, this year as many as 57, are offered by many associations and Italian institutions, particularly Venetian and Veneto, with the coordination of Ufficio di Venezia del Consiglio d’Europa, only headquarters in Italy in collaboration with  Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia.

The walks, different from the well-known guided tours, promote the interaction of citizens with cultural heritage. Through the experiences of the inhabitants the extraordinary riches of our territories are revealed: from industrial archeology to the architecture of the last centuries, from the lagoon to the rivers. To view the complete programs and subscribe to the patrimonial walks you can consult the website of  Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali  and the website of Ufficio di Venezia del Consiglio d’Europa.


Events coordinated by the Council of Europe on the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2018 in the VENETO:

  1. The Ossuary at the origin of today's historic tourism-Municipality of Som-macampagna (VR)
  2. The Sanctuary of Madonna del Monte is the destination of the spiritual pilgrimage. From San Francesco to the popular tradition-Municipality of Somma-Campagna (VR)
  3. The agricultural courts. Where, with sharing, the community was born-Municipality of Sommacampagna (VR)
  4. From the Botteghe to the Gondola: Venetian craftsmanship reveals itself - El felze (VE)
  5. The Island of the Lazzaretto Vecchio- Archeoclub Venice (VE)
  6. The culture of the ditch-Municipality of Arzergrande (PD)
  7. After the factories: walk in the places of industrial reconversion of the Giudecca-Venetian Institute for the history of the Resistance and of the contemporary society (VE)
  8. Mandate to the piety logo - Archival and bibliographic Superintendence of Veneto and Trentino Alto-Adige and Provincial Institute Santa Maria della Pietà of Venice (VE)
  9. Alla scoperta della Batteria Ca' Bianca Angelo Emo e alla scoperta del forte Paperino—FORT in FEST (VE)
  10. The Civic Museum of Ceramics of Nove and Palazzo Baccin - Comune di Nove (VI)
  11. Once upon a time ... Murano-Civic Museums Foundation of Venice (VE)
  12. History in music, music and cultural landscapes staged "wohin" martyrs of a divided Europe, today in peace-Arts Representation (VI)
  13. From the village of Pontecasale to the cathedral of Candiana-Policoro Project (PD)
  14. Venetian nizioleti: saoneri, calegheri, remeri and other trades-Limosa environmental guides / SlowVenice Network (VE)
  15. From Abbey to Abbey-Policoro Project (PD)
  16. Rediscovering San Felice - Municipality of Chioggia and Committee for Forte San Felice (VE)
  17. San Michele Vecchio between popular beliefs and historical truth-Municipality of Quarto d'Altino (VE)
  18. The art applied to Treviso, a heritage that lives in time - the rips and detachments of frescoes - Cultural ethical movement Tarvisium Gioiosa -Ass. Gioiosa et Amorosa (TV)
  19. The art applied to Treviso, a heritage that lives in time - ancient references - Ethical cultural movement Tarvisium Gioiosa-Ass. Gioiosa et Amorosa (TV)
  20. The art applied in Treviso, a heritage that lives over time - works in metal-ethical cultural movement Tarvisium Gioiosa-Ass. Gioiosa et Amorosa (TV)
  21. History and culture, berries and nature- Villavanzo sas (PD)


Patrimonial Walks organized by the City of Venice near the European Heritage Days, conducted by the Authorized Tourist Guides of Venice and by the historian Massimo Orlandini:

  1. September 28: The Historic Center of Mestre and the surroundings of Piazza Ferretto: on the trail of old companies no longer active and long-lived business enterprises (VE
  2. September 30th: Via Cappuccina, Via Dante and Via Piave, formerly the "Bandiera" (VE) industrial site
  3. September 30: Discovering the history of Mestre from the medieval walls to via Palazzo, fromTorre to Piazza Ferretto (VE)
  4. September 30: The Churches of the Center of Mestre: San Girolamo, San Rocco, San Lorenzo (VE)
  5. September 30th: Macaè and San Marco Village (VE)

Registrations are received from 20 to 25 September via email: servizio.produzioni.culturali@comune.venezia.it or by telephone booking on 041 2747804 (on weekdays from 10 to 12).

The complete program of the individual walks and other events reported in this brochure is available at the following links:
www.beniculturali.it /GEP2018
www.coe.int/it/web/venice/coming-events (where you will also find other activities organized outside the European Heritage Days)


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