21-22.09.2019 European Heritage Days 2019

Among the various initiatives organized on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, on September 21st and 22nd 2019, the patrimonial walks were held in Italy, in particular in Veneto, one of the instruments of the Faro Convention.

The patrimonial walks are an initiative promoted since 1991 by the Council of Europe and the European Union, to enhance and encourage exchange and dialogue in the cultural sphere. For a whole weekend in September it was possible for all citizens to access to the cultural heritage of the 50 member countries of the European Heritage Convention, encouraging them to participate actively in its safeguard and transmission to the new generations. Every year a different theme is chosen, which may concern specific aspects of heritage, defined historical periods or the relationship between society and heritage

The theme of the 2019 edition was entitled "One, two, three ... Art! - Culture and entertainment" aiming at the promotion and the condivision of European traditions, contributing to the creation of a european heritage and cultural identity.

These patrimonial walks, proposed by many italian associations and institutions, in particular Venetian, are special thematic routes which, overcoming the traditional modality of the guided tour and interpreting the right to the cultural heritage defined in the Faro Convention, allow the participants to discover and / or rediscover a territory through the eyes and the voices of those who live it, the "witnesses". Made directly by inhabitants, associations and institutions linked to a specific place, the walks favor a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage for the benefit of enhancement and transmission to future generations.

The walks, different from the well-known guided tours, are organized with the coordination of the Venice Office of the Council of Europe, the only office in Italy, in collaboration with the Europe Direct Venice Veneto of the Municipality of Venice.

To see the complete programs and subscribe to the Heritage Days initiatives, you can consult the MiBAC website - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the website of the Venice Office of the Council of Europe.


2019 Heritage Walks Program for Veneto:
1. Rediscovering San Felice - Municipality of Chioggia and Committee for the Fort San Felice
2. Dalle botteghe alla gondola: Venetian craftsmanship reveals itself - El Felze
3. The palaces and the lords of the silk — Ficlu Vicenza
4. Discovering the hydraulics of the Venice Lagoon - Wigwam City of Venice
5. The Presidio gardens: a fragile miracle - Wigwam Padova Est
6. The botanical path and the culture of the ditch - Wigwam Saccisica
7. The art of Murano button —Wigwam Saccisica
8. Fishing in the lagoon - Civic Venetian Museums
9. Discovering the intangible Murano heritage: merletto - Venetian Civic Museums
10. Discovering the architecture of the Custoza Ossuary — Municipality of Sommacampagna
11. The Redentore and the Art Nouveau - Municipality of Sommacampagna
12. Trepalade —a village to be rediscovered between nature and history - Municipality of Quarto d’Altino
13. Demonstration "One, two, three ... Art! in Candiana, Arzercavalli and Pontecasale. Three places, two days, a territory "- Policoro Diocese of Padua Project
  - Harmony and divine proportions in the heart of the ancient monastery;
  - Pontecasale small ideal city;
  - Notes in the night before the autumn equinox to contemplate paintings, sculptures and architecture dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel
14. The painted Treviso is reborn. Coloramisù: project for active citizenship - Tarvisium Gioiosa et Amorosa
15. Interactive permaculture introduction laboratory - In Diversity
16. Visits to Forte Paperino - In Diversity
17. Imagine. The arts and crafts in the Veneto landscape —Municipality of Nove and Associazione Arti and Rappresentazione
18. After the factories. Walk in the post-industrial places of Giudetta - IVESER

Heritage Walks organized by the Municipality of Venice following the European Heritage Days:
1. 27 September: Coffee, chocolate and ridotti : the pleasures of eighteenth-century Venice
2. 28 September: Casanova's escape to Mestre, a connection point between Venice and Paris. Loves and flavors between the Sea State and the Ground State
3. 28 September: Sweet and savory: scaleteri and beccheri in the tradition of the Serenissima

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