19.05 Luca Mercalli - "European journey into the changing climate"



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Wednesday, May 19 at 8.45 was held the first event of the cycle "The European Green Deal is us. Instruments for an environmental culture" in collaboration with Shylock CUT Centro Universitario Teatrale di Venezia with the involvement of Veneto high schools.

WATCH THE RECORDING OF THE MEETING on the Youtube channel of Europe Direct of the City of Venice.

This first meeting entitled "European journey into the changing climate" is held by Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meteorological Society, climatologist and scientific popularizer. The climate in Europe is changing and the effects are increasingly visible, with differences between countries facing the Mediterranean and the central or northern part of the continent. According to experts, living conditions will be strongly influenced by some important factors such as rising temperatures, air quality, altitudes, the presence or absence of green spaces, the proximity of the sea, extreme weather phenomena, the migrations of peoples from one area to another. As European citizens, it is essential to open our eyes to these changes, which will affect our ability to live and travel in this territory and under certain conditions.

During this first meeting, the association Shylock Centro Universitario Teatrale di Venezia proposed some passages of the text "Salire in montagna" by Luca Mercalli, editions Einaudi 2020, read by Giovanni Paladini, student of the Ca' Foscari University.

The diary tells the personal choice of a house at an altitude where the increase in temperatures is more bearable. In this path the author joins his being a scientist and his being a man in a context of adaptation to the environmental emergency. The attention of Luca Mercalli is often directed to young people, protagonists of the changes that invest us and towards a transgenerational pact for an alternative based on cooperation and concrete example in everyday choices.

From the book “Salire in Montagna” by Luca Mercalli, Einaudi 2020

Monday 6 May 2019

By train, around Pavia.

…I look at the mails on my mobile, from Paris comes the press release of IPBES, the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, the United Nations body for biodiversity and ecosystem services ... I look down on the video as the noisy train crosses the Po fields: "A million species threatened with extinction..."
The girl next to me keeps working on her Instagram profile. I would like to be able to communicate to you the epochal importance of that information for your future, you have a powerful means in your hand, but how do you bring out what really counts from the uproar of irrelevant news?
Wednesday 26 June 2019

African heat wave. I go up and down from the lower valley... the bricklayers connect the water pipes and sewers under a relentless sun. Unreal heat and unprecedented even up there, 30 degrees high (and 46 in Provence, an absolute record, 41 in Turin). The snow on the Chaberton clears out of sight. You can see from these days where global warming will take us...

Friday 6 March 2020

The sun came out just before 8am from 2300 meters of the Col Bourget... It’s a drunkenness of beauty... I tell the climate changes sitting in the sun on the balcony, the end of the reasoning is to make sure that our grandchildren can still see views like what I now have before my eyes.


Luca Mercalli: "Il virus ci sta insegnando cos'è il superfluo" - Montagna.TV


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