15-23.09.2021 European Mobility Week 2021

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From Wednesday, September 15 to Thursday, September 23, 2021, the European Sustainable Mobility Week was held throughout Europe with the aim of committing the citizens on the road to sustainability and the improvement of the quality of life of our cities. Every year, in fact, during the week designated by the European Union, thousands of cities and millions of European citizens celebrate sustainable mobility, sending a message of change and renewal of our lifestyles.

2021 represents a special year for this event that looks to an increasingly sustainable mobility: in fact, the European Mobility Week celebrates its first 20 years! The choice of the slogan "Move sustainable...and healthy" pays tribute to the difficulties that the whole world had to face during the COVID-19 pandemic and is also an invitation to reflect on the opportunities for change resulting from this unprecedented health crisis.


The City of Venice also participates in the initiative with a series of events, organized in collaboration with several partners in the area, inserted in the Città in Festa. For the City of Venice participates the Mobility and Transport Area and the service Europe Direct Venice Veneto which aims to spread the European Green Deal. In particular, the Europe Direct Venezia Veneto service organizes two events, including the opening event of the Venetian week on 15 September.

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Full program of the City of Venice for the European Mobility Week


=> Wednesday 15 September 18.30 - 20.00 Mestre
Auditorium "Cesare De Michelis" M9 - Museo del '900, Via Pascoli 11
European Green Deal
"Climate Change...with pedals"
Conversations and music, powered by a bicycle as an energy generator, will be the prelude to the departure of the trip that will bring the group "ride with US" by bycicle from Venice to the pre-conference on climate held in Milan on Sunday, September 19.
Daniele Pernigotti, Biologist and environmental consultant. Since 2014, he has been cycling through Europe every year, with the Ride With Us project, to go to the most important events on climate change.
Musical accompainment by Sergio Renier.
Free entry until capacity is reached, access allowed with Green Pass
=> Tuesday 21 September 17.00 Venice
Ateneo Veneto San Marco 1897, Campo San Fantin, Venice
European Green Deal
"Ecological crisis, health crisis" - second meeting of the cycle "The European Green Deal is us. Tools for an environmental culture"
Two fundamental issues in recent years concern very closely our lives, both individually and globally: the pandemic #COVID19 and the escalation of the environmental crisis. It is not a binomial created accidentally at this precise moment in history, but a unique world within which they develop close interconnections, often little evident for the way in which the media talk about it. In the context where the term "environmentalists" no longer has any reason to exist, since we are all health and we are all environment, before anything else.
- Roberto De Vogli, Professor of Global Health at the University of Padua
- Andrea Poggio, Head of Mobility at Legambiente 
- Andrea Pozzer, atmosperic chemistry expert at Max Planck Institut for Chemistry, Mainz (Germany) connecting via Skype
Free entry until capacity is reached, access allowed with Green Pass
Some images from the meeting held September 15:
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