14-27.08.2022 - Cinemoving 2022 "A look at Europe"


From Sunday, August 14 until Saturday, August 27, 2022, the 'CINEMOVING 2022- A Look at Europe' initiative will be held at Campo San Polo in Venice. The film festival will consist of 14 evenings dedicated to European cinema: feature films, short films, documentaries and fiction films from different European nations will be offered and will be dedicated to them in-depth discussions and presentations, in close collaboration with various international institutions. This year there are 4 European nations: France, Switzerland, Portugal and Hungary with 3 screenings each. On the first day, however, the protagonists are international short films.

The films will be screened in original language with Italian subtitles. 

All screenings are free admission while seats last.

Subscription to the WhatsApp group is recommended to receive the updated schedule and for any possible changes to the calendar and communications. To sign up, simply send a whatsapp message to 342 7611875 containing first name + last name + cinemoving.

'CINEMOVING 2022- A Look at Europe' is the result of the collaboration between the City of Venice, with its services Culture Sector, Cinema Circuit and Europe Direct, and the international organizations related to the nations involved:
France: Institut Français and Alliance Française in Venice
Switzerland: Swiss Cinema in Venice and Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan and Venice
Portugal: Camões Instituto da Cooperação e da Lingua - Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros, Portugal and Embassy of Portugal in Rome
Hungary: National Film Institute Hungary, Academy of Hungary Rome, Gen. Hon. Consulate of Hungary - Venice and Italian-Hungarian Cultural Association of Triveneto


In Dreams - A Celebration of the Dream Short Film
A true celebration of the oneiric short film with the festival entitled In Dreams. A program focused on the concept of 'dream', through a variety of genres ranging from animation to experimental shorts and documentaries. Short films from around the world, whose common thread is the 'dream' understood as desire, utopia, achievement of a goal, but also as chimera, fantastic vision, surreal event, dreamlike experience and fiction of the mind. The short film screenings will be followed by a question-and-answer session between the attending filmmakers and the audience. Shorts On Tap was born in London in 2013 from an idea of Venetian Filippo Polesel. Since then, the festival has become a real point of reference for independent and nonindependent filmmakers in the British capital.

=> French Cinema 
Screenings organized with the support of the Institut Français and the Alliance Française of Venice
Les demoiselles de Rochefort (Josephine, France, 1967, 120', v.o.sott.it.), comedy, by Jacques Demy
Delphine and Solange are 25-year-old twins, charming and spiritual in temperament. Delphine, the blonde, teaches dance, while Solange, the redhead, gives solfege lessons. They live in a world of music and dream of meeting the great love around the corner. Meanwhile, some carnies arrive in town and begin to frequent the bar run by the twins' mother. At that time, preparations for a fair are in full swing, and a dreamy sailor is looking for the woman of his dreams....


TUESDAY, AUG. 16, 9 P.M.
Cléo de 5 à 7 (Cléo from 5 to 7, France, 1962, 85', v.o.sott.it. ), drama, by Agnès Varda
Cléo, a beautiful singer, waits for the results of some medical tests. From superstition to fear, from rue de Rivoli to café de Dôme, from coquetry to anguish, from her home to Montsouris Park, Cléo experiences ninety peculiar minutes. Her boyfriend, a friend, the musician who works with her, and finally a soldier open her eyes to the world. An emblematic film of the nouvelle vague.


16 levers de soleil (France, 2018, 117', v.o.sott.it.), documentary, by Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff
Flying in space: this is the dream Thomas Pesquet realized by taking off from the Baïkonour base on Thursday, November 17, 2016. At 450 kilometers from Earth, during the six months when the world seems destined for the unknown, an inner dialogue begins between the astronaut and the visionary work of Saint-Exupéry that he took with him to the international space station.

=> Swiss Cinema 
In collaboration with Cinema Svizzero a Venezia and Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan and Venice


Olga (Switzerland / France, 2021, 85', v.o.sott.it.), by Elie Grappen
2013. 15-year-old Olga is a talented Ukrainian gymnast forced into asylum in Switzerland. Her mother, in fact, is a well-known independent journalist who is invisible to her country's government, which has been set ablaze by protests against President Janukovyč. Olga, like all athletes of her level, dreams of Olympic gold, and works hard to integrate herself into a new national team ahead of the European Championships. The most awarded Swiss film of the year is a poignant and powerful coming-of-age novel set at a crucial historical moment for Europe. A great film, a true revelation of the Cannes Film Festival 2021, illuminated by the talent of gymnast Nastya Budiashkina in her first acting effort, and the young director, born in 1994, Elie Grappe. 


FRIDAY, AUG. 19, 9 P.M.
Tandoori Love (Switzerland / Austria / Germany, 2008, 92', v.o.sott.it.), by Oliver Paulus
Sonja is a waitress at the guesthouse "Zum Hirschen" in the Bernese highlands and is happily engaged to Markus, her boss. Rajah works as a cook on the set of a Bollywood film where his art is in the service of Indian film superdiva Priya. Thunderstruck by the beauty of Sonja, whom he met by chance in a supermarket, Rajah manages to get hired as a cook in the guesthouse. His fine cuisine wins everyone over, and the "Zum Hirschen" experiences success
unexpected. After a premiere screening back in 2014, the craziest and funniest comedy in the history of Swiss cinema returns to Venice. A colorful and enthralling mix of Bollywood atmospheres and the Swiss Alps. A film that will make you dance and? die of laughter!


Monte Veritá (Switzerland / Austria / Germany, 2021, 116', v.o.sott.it.), by Stefan Jäger
1906: Hanna, a young mother, wants nothing more than to free herself from her bourgeois role and her social constraints. That is why she takes refuge in the sanatorium of Monte Verità, where, surrounded by the idyllic nature of Ticino and courageously devoting herself to her art, she is soon faced with a lacerating choice. Can she return to her family without giving herself up? An authentic kolossal that exemplarily recounts a unique experience in Swiss history, decades ahead of the social revolutions of the second half of the 20th century. Inspired by the founders of Monte Verità, director Stefan Jäger makes a film that is proudly collective, unfettered and dominated by the power of creativity


=> Portuguese Cinema 
In collaboration with Camões Instituto da Cooperação e da Lingua - Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros, Portugal and the Ambasciata del Portogallo in Rome


Zeus (Portugal, 2017, 115', v.o.sott.it.), by Paulo Filipe Monteiro
The award-winning film, the director's first feature, centers on the figure of Manuel Teixeira Gomes, seventh president of the Portuguese Republic (1923-1925) during the years of the rise of fascism in Portugal, which would later result in the military coup of 1926, paving the way for Salazar's dictatorship. Teixeira Gomes, an intellectual disillusioned with republican politics, in which he strongly believed, decided to take the path of voluntary exile in Algeria, aboard a Dutch ship named Zeus. There he would die 15 years later, not without having continued to participate, albeit from afar, in Portugal's democratic resistance.

Variações (Falling Star - The Life and Music of António Variações, Portugal, 2019, 105', v.o.sott.it.), by João Maia
The film, a tribute to Portugal's first gay icon, has been a major cinematic success in recent years in its homeland. Antonio Variações, an eccentric and brilliant singer-songwriter who died at age 40 in 1984, is still little known in Italy. The film recounts his formative years, from his origins in a farming village to his success as a singer and his tragic death, possibly from AIDS. But it also tells of his tenacious struggle against the prejudices of a country recently emerging from a long dictatorship. His short but resounding career paved the way for many artists to be inspired by him.

TUESDAY, AUG. 23, 9 P.M.
Technoboss (Portugal, 2019, 112', v.o.sott.it.), by João Nicolau
Luís, a divorced man who lives with a cat, is a security technician for offices and hotels, now unable to keep up with technology that is increasingly incomprehensible to him. About to retire as he embarks on his last work assignment, his world-in which music matters so much- finally gives way to imagination, creating imaginary and improbable situations. Technoboss - director João Nicolau's third feature film - is an original road movie, a musical sui generis, full of humor and situations that are as unsettling and surreal as they are funny, though not without a patina of melancholy.

=>Hungarian Cinema 
In collaboration with National Film Institute Hungary, Academy of Hungary Rome, Gen. Hon. Consulate of Hungary - Venice and Italian-Hungarian Cultural Association of Triveneto

Hab (Cream - Cream, Hungary, 2020, 90', v.o.sott.it.), comedy, by Nóra Lakos
There is a test that apparently proves with 99 percent accuracy whether a person really lives with his or her other half. But the method didn't help Dóra; her 99% great love is marrying someone else. Of course, life can still be sweet. Dóra is a pastry chef who spends her days among pastries, creams and candied cherries, offering her delights to the world of sweet tooth. A paradise that is in danger of closing, however, if Dóra does not find funding soon. She applies
to a family contest by hiring an enterprising bachelor who will pose as her boyfriend in hopes of winning the missing millions. The boy, however, is a womanizer. And, icing on the cake, he is quite charming....

Kilakoltatás (Lo sfratto - Eviction, Hungary, 2022, 85', v.o.sott.it.), comedy, by Máté Bence Fazekas
An enforcer on his first assignment finds himself among anti-eviction activists, dog educators, special teams, cynical speculators... a fast-paced comedy with bittersweet overtones, which depicts metropolitan everyday life and the social divide in an original style. A brilliant first work with characters full of surprising facets.

Legjobb dolgokon bőgni kell (Things Worth Shouting For - Things Worth Weeping For, 2021,84', v.o.sott.it.), comedy/drama, by Cristina Grosan
An extravagant and distracted mother, a perfect and boring boyfriend, a nagging and nosy friend and an aunt... Sometimes, running away from a predefined life and starting over without any plans is the best thing to do. Twenty-four hours of unforeseen events will be enough for 30-year-old Maja to question everything.

Tarkovski Agency presents Venice Film Week: six Venetian evenings dedicated to independent films (at the Casa del Cinema and Campo San Polo).
Venice Film Week returns to Venice with its seventh edition. Created by and for independent filmmakers, the free-entry event has established itself in just a few years as an appointment for those curious about out-of-the-ordinary and experimental cinema. The selection of films offers an always diverse mix of works of different lengths and nationalities characterized by original ideas and aesthetics. This year the festival, which even during the pandemic was fortunate enough to be able to continue its events, is being lengthened by an evening hosted within Cinemoving.
The screenings, in original language with English subtitles, will be held Aug. 22-26 at the Casa del Cinema and Aug. 27 at the outdoor cinema in Campo San Polo.



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