11.10-22.11 European Union Cycle of Meetings 2022

From 11 October to 22 November 2022, the "European Union Cycle of Meetings" will be held as part of the Nicola Saba Association's academic year programme, consisting of four lessons that can also be attended individually. The course on the European Union, the aim of which is to provide basic training in European matters to teachers, students and the general public, stems from the awareness that in order to fully experience the European dimension, it is increasingly important to know the history of the Union, the fundamental rights of citizens and other topics of common and topical interest.

The autumn dates of the course will be held at the Candiani Cultural Centre, Seminar Room (first floor), P.le Luigi Candiani 7, Mestre-Venice.

Participation in the course is open to all citizens free of charge subject to availability and is held in presence.

The initiative is the result of the collaboration between the Nicola Saba Association,  Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia and the Candiani Cultural Centre.



  • Tuesday 11 October at 6 p.m.: The ecological transition: projects financed in Italy and Veneto thanks to the European Green Deal - Enrico Cabras
  • Tuesday 25 October at 4 p.m.: The Digital Transition: European Union Strategies for Innovation - Gianluigi Cogo
  • Tuesday 8 November at 6 p.m.: The EU Action Plan 2021 - 2027 for Inclusion and Cohesion at School - Laura Donà
  • Tuesday, 22 November at 4 p.m.: EU Action for Women - Sara De Vido


Some pictures of the 2021 events:



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