05.06.2021 Opening of contest on climate change - 9th Edition 2021

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Contest "CLIMATE CHANGE - The Grand Challenge"

Climate ChanCe 2021

On 5 June 2021 Climate Chance 2021, the contest "CLIMATE CHANGE - The Grand Challenge", opened on the occasion of the UN World Day for the Environment.

Deadline for participation in the competition: 30 September 2021.

Shylock Centro Universitario Teatrale di Venezia promotes the 9th edition of the communication and creativity contest "Climate Chance 2021" in partnership with Europe Direct Venezia Veneto and Ca' Foscari University. The initiative is also sponsored by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, Fondazione CMCC Centro Euro-mediterraneo Cambiamenti Climatici, WWF Italia, Legambiente, ISDE Italia.
Ten years after the start of 2011, the project "Climate Change - The Grand Challenge" selects creative communication proposals, from writing of all kinds to art to multimedia, street art, music and entertainment. 
The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted even more the critical interconnections between human life and the natural environment, the theme of the contest.

This edition also precedes the UN World Conference on Climate Change COP26 next November in Glasgow (UK), a crucial event to reach effective international agreements that allow us to face the environmental emergency.

The contest selects unpublished contributions and reports of works already public particularly significant. The theme remains open to any interpretation.

The call draws attention, not exclusive, on some focus of particular impact:

- New lifestyles: forms of social and environmental adaptation stimulated by the experience of the Covid19 pandemic

- Land of contrasts: places where increased economic development is associated with increasing environmental problems

- Major "signs" of climate change: examples include: the anomalies of the Gulf Stream, the melting of ice and permafrost, the exceptional temperatures of the Arctic, an increasing number of extreme phenomena, the great fires in various areas of the planet

- International meetings and climate agreements: towards UN COP26 of November 2021

- "The Assisi Manifesto": a map for an inclusive road towards a new world balance between humanity and the environment

The competition selects a variable number of works that will be presented as part of the final event in Venice in December 2021 with the participation of climatologist Luca Mercalli and other representatives of the world of science and communication, with the patronage of the Italian National Commission UNESCO.

The first part of the jury consists of: Serenella Iovino UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill, Silvia Scardapane INWARD Observatory on urban creativity, Rosa Polacco - RAI RADIO 3, Selvaggia Santin Fondazione CMCC, Maria Grazia Serra ISDE ITALIA, Mariagrazia Midulla WWF Italia, Paolo Virtuani CORRIERE DELLA SERA. Other components will be made public by October 2021.

Deadline for participation in the competition: 30 September 2021.




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