DVD "The world in your pocket"

Europe Direct of the City of Venice, Information Service of the European Commission that operates in the Veneto region to increase knowledge and debate on European issues, in particular at young people and schools, offers a free new DVD on orientation abroad after graduation and graduation.

The DVD illustrates to young people (high and university students) initiatives that increase people’s skills, encourage personal development, adaptability and employability.

The DVD is available on request, free of charge (to be agreed the shipping methods charged to the applicant).
Target: teachers and students leaving secondary school and university.

DVD "The world in your pocket" is a virtual lesson on transnational educational mobility with opportunities for study and work abroad.
- Video "Diploma in your pocket: what to do abroad?" (about 50 minutes)
- Video "Degree in your pocket: what to do abroad?" (about 48 minutes)
In the DVD are available the relevant handouts

Rapporteur: Bernd Faas, Associazione Eurocultura di Vicenza

Video: "Diploma in pocket: what to do abroad" - duration 50'48":
-Short-term opportunities (Youth Exchange, Language Course, Field of Work)
-language: recognised examinations
-medium-long-term opportunities (University study, Internship in a company, Au Pair, Medium-long-term volunteering, Vocational training, Work)
-Working holiday Visa (Australia, New Zealand, Canada)

Video: "Laurea in tasca: cosa fare all'estero"- durata 48'43'
-languages for qualified personnel (recognised examinations)
-medium-long-term opportunities (Internship, Skilled work, Seasonal work, University study, Medium-long volunteering)
-international organisations
-methods of seeking qualified employment
-European placement (Eures, Private employment agencies, Job fairs for new graduates)
-procedure for master

The DVD is produced by the Service Europe Direct and Eurodesk of the City of Venice with the financial support of the European Commission and is part of the project  "Explore The World - Veneto in Movimento" series of information meetings on the topic of mobility in Europe in collaboration with:

-Informacittà del Comune di Bassano del Grappa,
- Urban Center del Comune di Thiene,
- Informagiovani del Comune di Valdagno.

The rapporteur, Bernd Faas, has been working for over 20 years in the field of international mobility. His professional experience covers the orientation, preparation and implementation of activities abroad in the fields of work, internship, training and volunteering.

The Association Eurocultura (www.eurocultura.it) in Vicenza has been working on international mobility since 1993. The orientation advice, the seminars "Careers Abroad"  and"Mobi-Flash", the magazine "Time to Move" and lanewsletter "Move" are some of the tools that allow you to define the appropriate path to grow personally and professionally through a stay abroad.

For further information:
Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200
e-mail infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it
sito web www.comune.venezia.it/europedirect 

ATTENTION: Teachers can request a copy by sending an email of request (to be agreed the shipping methods charged to the applicant): infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it