Trolleys banned in Venice, the denial of the Commissioner

   The special Commissioner of the city of Venice, Vittorio Zappalorto, in a note, wanted to deny the news, appeared yesterday in a local newspaper and  reported today in many newspapers and even in the international press, regarding the prohibition to use trolleys in the town except those equipped with wheels inflated with air.

    "I firmly deny that the Municipality of Venice has ever thought to ban the use of trolleys in the historical center. The ongoing elaboration of the new “building regulations”, has been started by the former administration and is going to be completed in these days, by the staff of the sub Commissioner, Michele Scognamiglio.Moreover the document has been sent to the professional orders for a further participative evaluation.I want to stress that it only contains a reference to the handcarts and transpallets transporting goods on the pedestrian paths, that severely erode, with their wheels, the venetian paving made of 'masegni' of trachyte, causing besides noise pollution. This is particularly annoying when it happens in the early hours of the day, when many people are still sleeping. The solution to this problem must be clearly evaluated and shared with the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage, with the economic categories and, in general, with the stakeholders.

    About the trolleys, certainly the rigid wheels contribute to damaging the 'masegni' of the 'calli, campi and campielli', and mostly the bridges, for the continuous strokes caused by climbing and descending the steps. This doesn't mean, however, that the Municipality will ban the use of them starting from May. The draft seeks only to regulate, I repeat once again, in agreement with all the parties involved, the goods ground transport in the city.

    Any other interpretation on the topic is imaginative and not true.
If then, as a outcome of the media brawl that followed this false scoop, some firms dealing with the transportation and tourist fields will find appropriate solutions to this problem affecting Venice and other ancient cities, about the paving damaged by trolleys, this will undoubtedly be a deserving action that will contribute to the preservation of our architectural heritage and to the serenity of residents and tourists themselves”.
Venice, November 21st 2014



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