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#EDL #European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages (#EDL) was created at the initiative of the Council of Europe, which in 2001, together with the European Commission, organised the European Year of Languages. The celebrations of that year were a success as they involved millions of people from 45 participating states. All the activities celebrated linguistic diversity in Europe and promoted language learning.

Following the success of the Year, the Council of Europe declared that the European Day of Languages would be celebrated on September the 26th of each year.

The general goals of the day:

- promoting the importance of language learning and diversifying the range of languages learnt with the aim of increasing multilingualism and intercultural understanding;
- promoting the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which must be preserved and fostered;
- encouraging lifelong learning in and out of school.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate, either as a single person or as a group (school, association, group of friends...). Everyone can actively contribute to the success and promotion of this day both by participating in the activities that are organized and by organizing events.
On the official website of the Day you can find all the events organized in Europe in recent years, you will also find ideas for possible events to be organized at your school, your association, body or among friends.

Who to turn to?
To better promote this day, the Council of Europe has decided to appoint national referents.

Since 2021 Europe Direct of the City of Venice is the national contact person of the event.

Request the gadgets of the day
Our office, in addition to organizing events aimed at citizens, schools, associations or public bodies, promotes language learning throughout the Italian territory by sending the material related to that day.

If you also want to celebrate this day but you don’t know how, contact us, we could give you some ideas!

On the  In order to bring citizens, institutions, associations, schools and all those who are interested in learning languages throughout life closer together, the Council of Europe, together with the European Centre for Modern Languages of Graz of the Council of Europe, has created the official website of that day (translated into 37 languages, last language added Welsh) within which you can find countless information about the day, games, linguistic entertainment (trivia language, sign language games etc.) and video competitions and photos.


Click here to visit the official website of the European Day of Languages #EDL


More info at:

Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
Via Spalti 28, 30174 Venezia Mestre 
Consiglio d'Europa 
Ufficio di Venezia
San Marco 180C, 30124 Venezia