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The European Day of Languages (#EDL) is an initiative that was born by the Council of Europe, which in 2001, together with the European COmmission, they have organized the European Year of Languages. The celebration of that year have been a success which involved millions of people from the 45 participating countries. The activities celebrated the linguistic diversity of Europe, and they promoted the learning of those languages. 

Following the success of the Year, the Council of Europe declared that European Day of Languages would be celebrated every year on September 26th


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The general goals of the Day: 
– promoting the importance of learning languages and diversifying the number of languages lernt with the aim of incrementing plurilinguism and intercultural comprehension; 
– promoting linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which have to be favored and preserved; 
– encouraging the learning of languages during life in general, and even outside school. 

Who can participate? 
Everyone can participate, as a single individual and as a group (school, associationì, group of friends...). Everyone can contribute actively for the success and the promotion of this day by partecipating at the activities that have been organised, or by orgonising events. 
In the official website of the Day it is possible to find all the events organized in Europe these years, it is possible also to find suggestions for possible future events that can be organised in your schools, your association, institution, or between friends.

Who to turn to?
To better promote this Day, the Council of Europe have decided to nominate some national referent. 

=> From 2021 Europe Direct of the Municipalicty of Venice is the Italian national referent of the European Day of Languages substituting Europe Direct of the Municipality of Trieste. 

To request the gadget for the day
Our office, in addition to organize events for citizens, schools, associations, or public institutions, and promote the learning of languages all over the country of Italy sending material related to the day

If you want to join for the celebration but you do not know how, contact us and we can give you some ideas! Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice - contact numer 800 496200 -

To be closer with the citizens, institutions, associations, aschools, and whoever is interested in the learning of languages in the everyday life, the Council of Europe together with the European Centre of Modern Languages of Graz of the Council of Europe, they have realized the official website of this Day translated in 37 languages, (the last language added being Welsh) in which you can find a vast number of information regarding the celebration, games, linguistic enternatinment (Language Trivia, sing language game) and photo and video contests. 


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Official website for the European Day of Languages

For info:

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