European Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange Project - 2019

The Christmas Christmas Decoration Exchange 2019 project is SOLD OUT.
Nursery and primary schools from all over the Veneto can join.
Deadline for applications: 30 September 2019 - SOLD OUT

The Europe Direct Center of Wrexham in Wales organized the thirteenth edition of the project "Exchange of Christmas decorations" between kindergartens and primary schools throughout Europe. Europe Direct Venice Veneto has joined this European project since 2017.

In Wales, based on the experience of the Europe Direct Center in Wrexham, collaboration with schools has proved to be more fruitful than any other collaboration with other organizations or groups. The Welsh schools were enthusiastic to deepen their knowledge of the cultures of other European countries and noted that this contributes to the learning of geography, history, languages ​​and European citizenship. In this way the schools could make their training offer even more complete.

- Deepen the knowledge of the culture of other countries through fun and creative activities such as the creation of Christmas decorations
- Allow students to better understand their own customs and discover the cultures of others at the same time
- Helping students in the process of learning languages, geography, history and culture of other EU countries and thus develop a better understanding of the concept of European citizenship
- Encourage an exchange of work and relationships between EU schools that can then be maintained also in the future

Once all the applications have been received (maximum 10 schools per region), these will be included in groups of about 30 schools defined by the Wrexham ED. One or more classes from the same school can participate. The exchange of decorations will take place within the framework of one's own group.

Each school must carry out:
- 30 Christmas decorations representative of your region or country. The decorations can be made in the material and in the preferred size. It is advisable, however, to assess that they must be hung on a Christmas tree and that shipping costs vary according to size / weight and that these costs are your responsibility.
The number of decorations to be made must correspond to the number of schools and centers of Europe Direct included in the group to which they belong (max 30). The schools will set up their Christmas tree with all the decorations received, thus creating a multicultural European Christmas tree.
- an information package on typical Christmas celebrations in your region or country in paper or electronic format.

The information package must contain:
- general information on the region and the country (geographical position, spoken languages, climate, culinary information, celebrities, deserving places, etc.);
- how Christmas is traditionally celebrated in one's own region or country;
- the traditions and Christmas myths of the region;
- Christmas songs;
- Christmas recipes;
- Christmas greetings in your own language.
In addition, drawings of children inspired by Christmas, instructions on how to create decorations and any other significant information may be included. The information pack will be useful to let children know how Christmas is celebrated in other European countries by setting up a display or organizing a "European" Christmas event.

- within September 30th 2019 confirm your adhesion by writing an email to specifying your data (name, address, school phone number and name, telephone number and email address of the project contact person)
- by 31 October 2019, schools will receive a list of participants with reference groups, names and addresses of schools and project managers
- by 16 November 2019 the decorations and information packages produced by the school must be sent to all participating schools and to the Europe Direct centers included in the group to which they belong
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