"Let's Become European Citizens" Competition s.y. 2020-2021

"Let’s Become European Citizens" Competition s.y. 2020/2021 is regularly open to young students and schools. It is organized by the European Federalist Movement in collaboration with Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice, to stimulate active and informed European citizenship.

The competition addresses to senior high school students (3rd, 4th, 5th year) of the Veneto region.
The competition relates, optionally, to one of the following essays:
WRITTEN ESSAY: article, short essay, theme, report, essay, etc. Max. 4 pages of protocol sheet or 5 pages. 
GRAPHIC ESSAY: format of your choice, all techniques are allowed, including multimedia ones. 
Deadline of the essay submission15 April 2021

REWARD: The winners will be rewarded with a pro-European holiday and training stay at the House of Europe in Neumarkt (Styria - Austria) in July 2021.
The winners will be officially awarded in May 2021 during the conference "Europe for young people" which will also host the award ceremony of the "Let's Become European citizens" competition. 

=> In the event of the impossibility of traveling due to COVID-19 related restrictions, an alternative postponement plan of the trip is also being activated in September on the national territory in Ventotene. In any case, there will be an award for the most deserving essays and the delivery of a certificate.

Series of meetings "At school in Europe"
To encourage participation in the competition and to stimulate the European debate, schools can request a meeting at their headquarters carried out by the Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice and the European Federalist Movement, on issues related to European citizenship, European institutions, transnational education mobility and the priorities of the new European Parliament and European Commission.
Dates and topics to be agreed.
Further information:
European Federalist Movement
Regional Secretariat
Via Poloni, 9 – 37122 Verona
tel. e fax: 045 – 8032194
e-mail: verona@mfe.it
Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice
toll-free number 800 496200
fax 041 2748182
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