Animated reading "A fabulous Europe"

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Monday 7 May 2018

   - First show: 9.00-10.30
   - Second Show: 11.00-12.30
    Plip Auditorium
    Via San Donà 195 / c
    Carpenedo, Mestre
   Entrance reserved to schools
The animated reading "A fabulous Europe" is based on the animated reading of European fairy tales conceived for elementary school pupils, created by the Pantakin Theater Company, to highlight what unites European citizens starting from fairy tales and to increase in children respect for diversity and intercultural dialogue.

The show is planned with a narrator actor and a musician: together they lead the young spectators on a journey through Europe and through the world of fairy tales making them discover how anthropomorphic animals or witches, spells are a heritage that belongs to everyone.

- Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
- USR Ufficio Scolastico Regionale Veneto
- Compagnia teatrale Pantakin
- Auditorium Plip

There is something that we all do, big or small, Scandinavian or Portuguese, Belgian or Hungarian: we all eat! The only difference is that in Berlin you make a potato salad, in Bari the turnip tops orecchiette, in France the onion soup, the Mici (sausages) in Romania ....
But there is one thing that we all do in the same way, big or small, we let ourselves be charmed by stories. It does not matter if we eat orecchiette or onion soup, stories and fairy tales with their imaginary world unite us all.

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