5.11.2018 - Back to school "EU back to school"

BACK TO SCHOOL 2018 - "EU back to school"

Officials of the European institutions return to the schools of origin schools to meet students and teachers and talk about Europe.

The initiative of the European Commission is called EU Back to School for which Dr. Silvia Crema, an EU official, a former student of the "Atestino" Institute in Este (Padua), met the students of the fifth classes on November 5, 2018.

The meeting aimed to illustrate the microcosm of the EU, with the professional profiles that revolve around it, according to the guidelines drawn up by EU Back to School: the European project foresees that, for a day, the officials of the European institutions will return to the secondary school they attended to present the work they are doing and to give a "local" face of the European Union. The meeting aimed at orientation and saw the partecipation of the students, who took the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the choice of a European professional career, on the challenges and  studying and working opportunities abroad.

The meeting was opened by the intervention of the Headmaster who underlined the importance of the European spirit in the formation of the young generations.

Subsequently, Dr. Silvia Crema summarized her career, starting from her experience as a student and continuing with her university studies. She then explained the origins and main aspects of the EU, focusing on the peace mission, the rights and duties of the Member States, the requirements for aspiring members, Brexit and the Schengen agreements. Particularly interesting for the students is the concrete description of the tasks foreseen by the profession of an EU official, which sees Dr. Crema work in the financial field. The speaker, at the request of the students, has finally provided valuable suggestions regarding the choice of the university faculty and that of the languages ​​to be learned to enter the European labor market.


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