30.03.2022 Women's March - Presentation of the book "Tutta un'altra storia"

Tutta un'altra storia

Wednesday March 30th 2022 at 15.30 in Venice at the Sala Tommaseo of the Ateneo Veneto, San marco 1897, Campo San Fantin, was held the presentation of the book "Tutta un'altra storia. La grande guerra raccontata dalle donne e dai bambini" (in English "Another story. The great War told by women and children") by Raffaella Calgaro, edition Marcianum Press.

Entrance by registration luca.volpato@coe.int

The event is in collaboration between the Italian representor of the Council of Europe- Venice OfficeCa' Foscari University of Venice, Regional Academic Office of the Veneto Region e Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of the municipality of Venice

Marzo donna

With the partecipation of : 

  • Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, Director of the Italian headquarter of the Council of Europe - Venice Office
  • Ermenilda Damiano, President of the Municipal Council of Venice 
  • Francesca Vianello, Responsible of the office Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
  • Laura Donà, Technical Manager Ministry of Education. Regional Academic Office of the Veneto Region
  • Eugenia Sainz, Department Delegate of Comparative Cultural Linguistic Studies for the Third Mission, Ca' Foscari University of Venice. 
  • Raffaella Calgaro, Author of the book "Tutta un'altra storia. La grande guerra raccontata dalle donne e dai bambini"

Plot of the novel:

The war is not only a military affair. Eradicate and cancel communities. Depriving entire populations of their rights and involvind them in a never ending drama. Destroyed houses, dimemberd families, sudden escapes. This is the human tragedy that people go through when the Great War invade their houses, ravaging familial bonds and imposing a forced dsplacement. Women, elderly, and children, are being put in the front lines, becoming the defenceless and silent protagonists of an escape from violence to the search of peace. Without an aim, without food, and without clothes. 
The women flee from their microcosmos, and they travel through all regions in Italy, they suffer, they lose children. The female world gets a decisional power that has never had that strenght before; the angel on earth disappears to leave room for a woman that has the destiny of her family in her hands. And the children, ina time that doesn't understand, doesn't leave space for their childhood, and suddently they become adults.
The war redefines the new rules and values, it cancelled the identity of people who is living through the conflict. The memories of these people, simple and humble, they give breaths to an historical narration shelved or closed in a drawer for too long.

Some photos from the event: 

foto marzo donna libro Calgaro 5

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