3-5.05.2024 VeUMEU Venice Universities' Model European Union 2024

Simulation of the legislative process of the European Union
VeUMEU Venice Universities' Model European Union

Venice International University Island of San Servolo, Venice
Admission reserved for registered students
==> Event included in the Europe Day Celebration in Venice 2024


The eighth VeUMEU Venice Universities' Model European Union, a simulation of the European Union's legislative procedure, takes place from May 3-5, 2024. The initiative was organized thanks to the collaboration between:

- Venice International University,
- Ca' Foscari University of Venice,
- Venice Diplomatic Society
- Europe Direct of the City of Venice,
- Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA Italy),
- San Servolo services 
VeUMEU is also supported by the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS)

Participants must attend at least 70 percent of the activities (VeUMEU May 3-4-5 and the preparatory workshop April 12). A certificate of attendance is issued.
As a simulation of the European Union's legislative procedure, participants fill the roles of members of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, following the steps of the ordinary legislative procedure by which European directives and regulations are adopted. A group of students also forms the corps of journalists, which is responsible for reporting on developments during the weekend of activities. The VeUMEU is an excellent opportunity for students to approach the world of multilateral diplomacy and hone their negotiation and leadership skills. Students will learn how the European legislative process works, rules of procedure, introduction of amendments, and how to draft EU directives and regulations.

For the 2024 edition, the topics for the simulation are

1) Proposal for a Regulation on Asylum and Migration Management in "Promoting Our European Way of Life": The new Pact on Migration and Asylum, presented together with this proposal for a new Regulation on Asylum and Migration Management, represents a new beginning in migration based on a comprehensive approach to migration management. The proposal establishes a common framework for asylum and migration management at the EU level as a key contribution to the Global Approach and seeks to promote mutual trust among member states. Based on the overarching principles of solidarity and fair sharing of responsibilities, the new pact advocates an integrated policy that brings together policies on asylum, migration, return, external border protection, combating migrant smuggling and relations with key third countries, according to a global governance approach. It recognizes that a comprehensive approach also means a stronger, more sustainable and tangible expression of the principle of solidarity and equitable sharing of responsibilities, which finds its balance in a broader context, broadening the focus beyond the question of which Member State is responsible for examining an application for international protection. These principles should therefore be applied to the entire management of migration, from ensuring access to international protection to combating irregular migration and unauthorized movements. (Read here)

2) Proposal for a directive on consumer empowerment for the green transition In "A European Green Deal." 
The proposal aims to contribute to a circular, clean and green EU economy by empowering consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and thus contribute to more sustainable consumption. The proposal also aims to counter unfair trade practices that lead consumers away from sustainable consumption choices. It also ensures better and more consistent enforcement of EU consumer rules. The proposal is one of the initiatives under the New Consumer Agenda and the Action Plan for the Circular Economy and is a follow-up to the European Green Deal. Empowering consumers and providing opportunities for savings is a key element of the policy framework for sustainable products. This is to be achieved through better consumer participation in the circular economy, in particular by providing consumers with better information on the durability and repairability of certain products prior to contracting, and by strengthening consumer protection against unfair trade practices that impede sustainable purchasing, such as greenwashing practices (i.e., misleading environmental claims), premature obsolescence practices (i.e., premature product failure), and the use of unreliable and opaque sustainability labels and information tools. (Read more here)

Supporting materials
Asylum and Migration Management
Legislative Train Schedule Regulation on asylum and migration management
Empowering consumers in the green transition :
Legislative Train Schedule Empowering consumers for the green transition
Questions and participation
Participation is open to students from Ca' Foscari University, University of Padua, Iuav University of Venice, Global Campus of Human Rights, VIU and VIU member universities. The selection of participants and allocation to institutions/committees is overseen by the Organizing Committee in order to achieve the highest level of international participation.
An intensive preparatory workshop for both staff and participants is held on April 12, 2024.
A call for staff is also open to contribute to VeUMEU 2024 in the following positions:
_ Vice-President of the Council of the European Union
_ Secretary of the European Parliament.
_ Social media manager
Link to application
Application deadline March 9, 2024.
There is no registration fee, as the event is free of charge.
For more information, see the dedicated page on the Venice International University and Ca' Foscari University of Venice websites.

The students who won honorable mention and awards are as follows:

Egor Babanchikov 
Fadhil Tabarek Abdulrahman Fadhil 
Ganeo Filippo 
Gaia Paturzo
Timon Havier Gerrits
Identity and Democracy (best party)
Vittoria Prestifilippo
Stefan Rankovic
Alessandro Barazza
Francesco Danielli
Teodora Danilovic
Fausto Randazzo
Mila Bjekic
Awards from Parliament:
Eleonora Cavazzana (best speaker)
GUE/NGL party best position paper on Violence against women
ECR party for best position paper on Nature Restoration
Awards from the Council:
Jurgen Rusta (best delegate)
Shojaei Shayan (best position paper on nature restoration)
Tiozzo Gaia Vittoria (best position paper on violence against women)
Some images from the 2023 edition:

For further information:

VIU website - Venice International University
How to get to VIU - Venice International University

Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice
toll-free number 800 496200
E-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

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