29.10.2021 - "10 Tables for Europe"

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Friday, October 29, 2021 from 14.30 to 19.00 "10 Tables for Europe" is held at the Hotel Bologna, Via Piave 214, Mestre-Venice. The meeting aims to involve young people in the area to make a contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe, developing during the discussion concrete proposals on relevant issues.

For registration a form is available and you can join no later than Wednesday, October 27.

The ultimate aim is to produce a shared final document, formulated in ten proposals, signed by all the participating associations and declared in the document itself. The proposals will then be included in the Conference platform, and the signed document will be delivered to our European representative, the Hon. Sandro Gozi, who will commit to bring the issues emerged.

The event is part of the meetings on the Conference on the Future of Europe.

10 proposals:

    1. Civil rights
    2. Cultural interrelation
    3. Intergenerationality
    4. Climate change
    5. Sustainable economic development
    6. Infrastructure development
    7. European foreign policy
    8. Multilevel governance
    9. Federalism in the European institutions
    10. European fiscal federalism

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Promoters and other actors involved:
- 14:30 Introduction to the event by Nicolò Bozzao, Secretary of GFE Venice
- 14:35 Greetings: Pierantonio Belcaro, Secretary MFE Venice and Giorgio Anselmi, National President MFE
- 14:40 Presentation of the COFE platform: Francesca Vianello, Europe Direct Venezia Veneto
- 14:45 Interview of the journalist Maurizio Cerruti (foreign editor-in-chief of "Il Gazzettino") with Mr Sandro Gozi (MEP and President of the Union of European Federalists) on COFE, the problem of European representation; the possible solutions also in the light of its new political project. The objective is to stimulate the thematic tables touching the various topics they will have to deal with
- 15:05 Space for questions
- 15:15 Start of the Tables (first part: discussion of the topics)
- 16:45 Break
- 17:00 Resumption of the Tables (second part: drafting of the document, signatures of associations, press)
- 18:30 Reading the document in the presence of the European Parliament with its considerations and commitment to help us in bringing forward the issues raised, and following up
- 19:00 Final greetings and closing

Costs: during the break, room service for those who want at the cost of € 5: hot drink with biscuits, juice, or aperitif with chips.

Estimated participation and modalities: in line with the covid directives, the type of event and the chosen venue, the maximum capacity is 60 people. Access will be allowed only after checking the valid Green Pass and with mask.

For information:

Via Spalti 28 -  Mestre Venezia
phone number 800 496200
e-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

phone number of the Secretary: 349 2799299

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