27.09.2019 Venetonight - Researchers' Night 2019

On Friday September 27th, Venetonight was held, "The Researchers' Night", an initiative in which researchers join to meet the general public in different European cities. The Researchers' Night represents an opportunity to bring the audience of all ages into the world of research in a fun way, opening a space for dialogue with citizens and making young people aware of a scientific career.

From September 13th 2019 it was possible to register online for the many initiatives organized in the area of Venice on the occasion of Venetonight - the Researchers' Night 2019 at the following link. On the same date, a press conference was also held, attended by Councilor Paola Mar, who supported the initiative saying:

"I want to welcome‘ Venetonight ’and express my appreciation for the intense relationship that exists between the Municipality of Venice and the Ca’ Foscari University. Also this year we collaborate in various ways to realize this event: besides giving the patronage, the Municipality will be present with the information stand of Europe Direct Venezia Veneto, which, for the occasion, will propose a workshop for children on the European Union and the value that Europe gives to research and environment ".

Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice has collaborated by organizing an interactive kid's corner on the European Union. Children were able to experience the European dimension by playing and watching cartoons and videos on Europe.

The activities offered and animated by the researchers of the promoting Organizations and Universities were free and open to all citizens.

Go to the official website of the Researchers' Night in Veneto

The VENETONIGHT Night of Researchers partners in Padua, Venice and Verona were realised in cooperation with:
University of Padua
Ca 'Foscari University of Venice
University of Verona
Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice

On Friday 27 September 2019, in different cities, citizens had the opportunity to visit research facilities that are usually not open to the public, use the latest technologies with the guidance of researchers, participate in experiments, competitions, demonstrations and simulations , exchange ideas and party with researchers. For one night, anyone has the chance to be a scientist. At VENETONIGHT it is possible to participate in events, shows, experiments, laboratories, activities for children, itineraries and guided tours!

Press releases:

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Video of the press conference

Some pictures of the event: photo of EDICbaloonsvaporettoGreetings from institutionsMusic and children

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