19.12.2022 Meeting "Europe and disability" - Padova

On monday 19th december 2022, at 16.30 it was held in Padova at Balazzo Bo, Università degli Studi di Padova, the meeting called "Europe and disability", by Centro di Documentazione Europea of Università di Padova, coordinated by Bernardo Cortese, teacher of European Union law, with the collaboration of Europe Direct Venezia Veneto of Comune di Veneziab and the Europe Direct Padova of Comune di Padova.

The meeting, dedicated to students and the citienzship, has presented the effort put by the Europen Union regarding the enjoyment of rights by people with disability. There has been a general presentation by Prof. Delia Ferri, expert of disability law, then a few testimonies by italian european parliamentarians who are members of the disability intergroup, introduced by the Italian Office of the European Parliament. To end the meeting there was a point of view "from the territory", and a final session of questions.


Delia Ferri, National University of Ireland Maynooth

Maurizio Molinari,  Responsabile dell'Ufficio di Milano del Parlamento Europeo

Alessandra Basso, Parlamentare europeo

Brando Benifei, Parlamentare europeo

Paola Ghidoni, Parlamentare europeo

Marco Ferrero, Forum Terzo Settore Veneto

Modera: Bernardo Cortese, Università di Padova


The event was open to students and the whole citienzship, it was necessary to sign up here: LINK.

Some pictures from the event:
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