30.09.2023 Competition on Climate Change - XI Edition 2023

Competition "CLIMATE CHANGE - The Grand Challenge"
Climate ChanCe 2023
The call for entries was proposed for the communication and creativity competition "Climate ChanCe" - Climate change - The Grand Challenge, in its 11th edition. GO TO THE COMPLETE TEXT OF THE 2023 NOTICE
The call for entries was officially presented during the first meeting of the Cycle "We are the Green Deal" entitled "Europe in the future: climate change causes future internal migration? which was held on Thursday 18 May in the presence of Massimiliano De Martin, Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Venice, on the occasion of Europe Day in Venice 2023.
The project, born in 2011 as a literary contest, led to the publication of a first collection of stories on climate change in 2012. Over the years, the contest has acquired the title of "Climate ChanCe" with the intention of enhancing the proposals with which the participants interpret the climate crisis.

The Competition has been organized by Shylock Centro Universitario Teatrale di Venezia with the collaboration of Europe Direct Venezia Veneto e Università Ca’ Foscari, with the sponsorship of Fondazione CMCC Centro EuroMediterraneo Cambiamenti Climatici, WWF Italia, Legambiente, ISDE Italia. These entities were joined by the Commissione Nazionale Italiana Unesco for the final presentation event that will be held on 1 December 2023 at the Ateneo Veneto in Venice.

The deadline for submitting applications was scheduled for 30 September 2023.
The competition was open to all national and international participants from 18 years of age, groups, associations and institutions.
The initiative aimed to enhance the works and projects that offer an effective message on the subject of climate change and the environmental and social aspects connected to it. The Competition underlined the urgency of actions to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change, dictated by the international scientific community and by the United Nations with the World Conference in Paris in 2015, and through the IPCC with the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C - SR15 of 2018 and the AR6 Report of 2022, as well as the evidence of the aggravation of natural phenomena detected worldwide
The 2023 edition of the competition pays particular attention, even if not exclusive, to some thematic aspects:
- The intergenerational relationship, between climate emergency and action.
- Female fulfillment in the scenario of the climate crisis. New approaches and questions on the choice of motherhood.
- New collective or individual lifestyles: forms of social and environmental adaptation.
- Northern Italy of contrasts, from economic primacy to climate hot spot in the Po Valley.
- The fate of Venice, divided between a laboratory city or an uncontrolled drift.
- Europe of people, of the environment, of solidarity solutions.
The final event will take place in Venice on December 1, 2023.
For information:

Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200
E-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

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